At Viessmann, we are world leaders in innovative boilers and heating systems and are proud of our reputation for manufacturing the UK’s most reliable boilers. Our cutting edge domestic products can help you to save money by making your home more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Whether you are already a Viessmann customer or would like to learn more about using Viessmann technology in your home, our team of Viessmann trained installers are always here to help.

Across the UK, we have a national network of expertly trained installers who have an in-depth knowledge of our product range including our gas condensing boilers and renewable technologies like heat pumps, solar thermal and fuel cell.

From the Viessmann trained installers, you can expect the very best in advice, sales support, customer service and installation services.

Discover the Viessmann experience today - use the simple search tool below to find local Viessmann installers in your region. Please note that this is a selective list of Viessmann Trained Installers and is not a definitive list of all Trained Installers.

Not all installers are qualified to do all types of gas work, so remember to check their ID card before any work is carried out.