Product information

Vitodens 100-W

Wall mounted gas fired condensing boiler with Inox-Radial heat exchanger

Rated outputs: 7.4 kW to 35 kW

Combination and System boilers


Looking for a modern gas fired condensing boiler with a particularly favourable price -without sacrificing quality?

The NEW Vitodens 100-W  consists of three combination boilers (26, 30 and 35 kW) and four system boilers (19, 26, 30 and 35 kW) with an improved modulation range of 1:4.
These new models come with a 5 year comprehensive parts and labour warranty as standard as well as a 10 year warranty on the Inox-Radial stainless steel heat exchanger.
Its new sturdier casing improves ease of servicing (with all parts easily accessible from the front), reduces the weight and  further reduces the class-leading noise emissions. The maximum heat output can be adjusted to suit the heat load of the property.
This model will run on natural gas or LPG by adding a simple conversion kit.

Reliable and durable - Made in Germany

As a major manufacturer, with many years of experience in the manufacture of wall
mounted boilers we know what matters. Even when attractively priced, our standards
of product quality and performance are consistently implemented. Therefore Viessmann wall hung boilers are not only renowned for innovative technology and services, but particularly for reliability and longevity.

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Vitodens 100-W System boiler:

19, 26, 30 and 35 kW
Standard efficiency:
97% (Hs) / 108% (Hi)*

Vitodens 100-W Combination boiler:

26, 30 and 35 kW
Standard efficiency:
97% (Hs) / 108% (Hi)*

* (Hs) = gross calorific value
   (Hi) = net calorific value

Take advantage of these benefits:


  • Same output for Heating and Hot Water (up to 35 kW)
  • Energy efficiency class: A
  • Flue length now up to 19 m concentric for horizontal and vertical application
  • Can be range rated to suit heat load of property
  • Built in filling loop
  • Combined condensate / PRV outlet for ease of installation
  • Improved modulation range 1:4
  • Lighter in weight for ease of handling
  • All parts accessible from the front for ease of servicing
  • More compact dimensions, one size for all outputs