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Efficient and Economical Heating with our Domestic Gas Boiler Range

When you’re choosing a central heating system for your home, you’ll want a solution that’s reliable, efficient and helps you keep your costs down. For all of this and more, you can rely on the domestic gas condensing boilers supplied by Viessmann.

Gas condensing boilers are the most popular choice for heating and hot water in UK homes. These boilers use energy from natural gas and are clean and efficient to run. Our comprehensive range of gas central heating boilers combine the benefits of gas with the latest in innovative technology to bring you solutions that promise to deliver comfort and convenience today, tomorrow and beyond.

By choosing one of our domestic gas boilers, you will be making an active contribution towards protecting the climate and the environment - as well as saving on your energy bills.

Gas boiler types

Design and Technology

When choosing a Viessmann gas boiler, you will not only be  buying  one of the most efficient and effective boilers on the market - you will also be making an investment for the future. Our best-selling Vitodens gas boiler range has models to suit all property types and, whichever you choose, you can rest assured it will provide you with reliable and cost effective heating and hot water well into the future.

Featuring the Lambda Pro Control combustion controller, the gas condensing boilers within our Vitodens 200 range will automatically adjust to any gas type. This includes biogas mixtures. In addition, each of our domestic gas boilers can be used with Viessmann solar technology, enabling you to harness the free energy provided by the sun. For applications on a bigger scale, the Vitodens 200 is also suitable for cascade up to 900 kW.

As well as offering superior performance, our Vitodens gas boilers are renowned for being exceptionally user-friendly and easy to operate. They have all been designed with smart technology in mind, meaning you can control your comfort and save money from wherever you happen to be.

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