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How to connect a wireless thermostat to your boiler

If you want to control your heating system even when you’re not at home, then you could benefit from a smart thermostat. This kind of system enables you to control a boiler remotely using a mobile phone or tablet.

If you want to control your heating system even when you’re not at home, then you could benefit from a smart (wireless) thermostat . This kind of system enables you to control your boiler remotely using a smart device, such as a mobile phone or tablet. Some thermostats are even smarter than this and can detect when a window has been left open or when there’s no one at home, controlling the heating to save you money and energy.

When it comes to connecting your thermostat to your boiler, the process is relatively straightforward.

There are various aspects of a smart (wireless) thermostat that need to be installed in order for the system to work. The thermostat itself will replace your old one and a receiver box may need to be connected to the boiler. Additionally, to provide the communication with the internet, a hub may be needed connected to your home router.

Once your new wireless thermostat has been fitted, you need to connect it to your boiler so that the two devices can communicate. This method will vary, depending on the manufacturer of the thermostat.

To connect a smart thermostat to your boiler, the thermostat will require a power source (battery or wired), as well as a receiver box if one is required. Use the screen and the buttons on the thermostat to navigate the system. In some cases, both devices will automatically connect when they are turned on. In other cases, you may need to press multiple buttons together and hold them for a few seconds before releasing them. Check the manufacturer’s installation instructions for further advice.

How to connect a tado° to your boiler

The tado° thermostat can be installed to work with your Viessmann boiler. Using a thermostat and an extension box, you can control your heating using your phone from wherever you are.

During installation, the extension box needs to be paired with tado°’s servers as well as your heating system. This is done via the Bridge. Using an ethernet cable, the Bridge is connected to a router so that it can communicate wirelessly with the thermostat and extension box. To connect your system, the Bridge must first be paired to the extension box. Do this by pressing ‘Pair’ on the Bridge. Then press and hold the pairing button on the extension box until the LED light starts blinking. 

The best way to configure your system is to follow the instructions provided by the tado° website. Once this is done, you will have connected your thermostat to the system.

When the smart thermostat is being used wirelessly, it should be placed in a suitable location that best represents the temperature of your home. This means that it should be positioned away from any radiators and from direct sunlight that could make the room temperature reading inaccurate. Avoid placing it in a bedroom, as this room should be naturally two or three degrees cooler than the rest of your home. The hallway is usually the ideal location for your thermostat because it is a recognised reference point and your radiator should have no TRV attached. This area provides the most constant temperature in your home. 

How does a wireless thermostat work?

A wireless thermostat is a digital device that can tell you the temperature of its surroundings. It does this using electronic sensors and can communicate with the boiler to provide the ideal room temperature for yourself. The thermostats can keep the room within less than one degree of the preset temperature. For example, if you have programmed the temperature as 20 ℃ , it would only fall as low as 19.4 ℃ and as high as 20.6 ℃, meaning you have a higher thermal comfort level.

When the thermostat senses a drop or increase in room temperature, it will send a message to the boiler on what to do next. This is also what happens when you control your thermostat from your smart device.

Can you connect a wireless thermostat to any boiler?

The particular wireless thermostat you have will affect whether it can be connected to your boiler. In most cases, they are compatible with most modern boilers, including combi, system and heat-only boilers. Some manufacturers have their own systems, these have been specifically matched to the boiler and can deliver greater efficiency.

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