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How to make your bathroom smell fresh

Bathrooms can be naturally musty and humid due to the amount of moisture in them. Condensation can build up on the walls and windows from a hot shower, water can be splashed on the walls and floors when the kids are in the bath and standing water can build up around soap dishes and toothbrushes. All of this moisture can contribute to a room that smells less than fresh. Luckily, there are some solutions to make your bathroom smell clean to impress your guests and make it a pleasant room to be in.

How to get rid of a musty smell in the bathroom

If your bathroom smells damp and musty, it might be that the room isn’t drying out fully. This could cause problems further down the line, such as black mould. Not only can this be unsightly, but it’s bad for your health too.

Ventilation is one of the most important ways to keep this room dry and smell-free. After you’ve had a shower or bath, you should turn the extractor fan on to expel the humidity and damp air outside. If you don’t have a fan, open a window for at least 20 minutes to allow the fresh air in.

If you don’t have an openable window or a fan, you could use a portable dehumidifier to draw the moisture from the air. These devices can be plugged into a socket outside of the bathroom and positioned in the doorway. Some types will switch off automatically when they sense the humidity levels have dropped. Alternatively, you could turn it off after around half an hour.

An efficient radiator or towel rail could also help to dry out the room. Make sure that you have an up-to-date boiler that can run reliably over the winter period and that the radiator in the bathroom is working fully. If you have an electric towel rail, you could turn this on after your shower to dry your towel as well as the room.

Shower curtains can very quickly start to smell unpleasant, particularly if they aren’t fully drying out. If you have a full household and the shower is being used multiple times a day, a glass screen might be a better option to keep your bathroom smelling fresh. If you’re happy to keep your shower curtain, pull it closed fully after you’ve washed so the water can evaporate. 

Towels that aren’t drying properly can also start to smell. Towels, flannels and bathmats should be hung up to dry instead of being left in a sodden pile in the corner of the room. Either hang them on a radiator or put them in an airing cupboard. Towels should be washed weekly to prevent them from smelling musty.

Finally, drains that are blocked and full of gunk can make a bathroom smell unclean. You should make an effort to clear the drains every now and then using a product that’s designed specially for the job. This will remove any hair or dirt that has accumulated. Once you’ve removed a blockage, you could use an odour neutraliser, such as baking soda, to eliminate the smell.

How to keep my bathroom smelling fresh

Once you’ve got rid of the musty odour, it’s time to make your bathroom smell beautiful. There are a number of ways you can do this, so pick the one that’s best for you.

Candles are a great way to make a bathroom smell gorgeous. There are seemingly endless varieties available that come in different designs and smells, so you’ll be sure to find one that suits your home. Alternatives to candles include reed diffusers, potpourri, air fresheners, incense sticks and essential oils.

The best way to use essential oil is to add a few drops to your towels, your bathroom radiator and even inside the tube of toilet paper. Every time you reach for your towel, you use the toilet paper or the radiator comes on, the beautiful scents will be released into the room for you to enjoy again.

To make your toilet release a fresh odour every time it’s flushed, you could add a toilet hanger or scent gel. The hanger sits on the side of the toilet and is activated every time the flushing water runs through it, while the gel clings to the side of the toilet bowl to work in the same way. Some toilet cleaners come in the form of a tablet that goes directly into the toilet tank. Again, there are multiple options depending on what you’re looking for.  

Bar soaps are being used less and less as many people have switched to liquid hand soap that comes in a plastic container. However, reverting back to a bar of soap that sits in a dish could contribute to making your bathroom smell fresh. Not only will you be reducing your plastic usage, but soap bars contain all sorts of essential oils and natural fragrances that will liven up the room.

Making your bathroom smell gorgeous isn’t too difficult. The most important thing is to clean it thoroughly and ensure that there aren’t any items that could be making the room smell damp.

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