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Vitobloc 200

Type EM-6/15

Combined heat and power unit for natural gas and LPG operation

Electrical output: 6.0 kW
Thermal output: 14.9 kW
Smooth running 3-cylinder gas engine
Economical power and heat generation
Electrical output

6.0 kW

Thermal output

14.9 kW

Smooth running 3-cylinder gas engine

For lower sound emissions

Economical generation of power and heat

For self-consumption

Completely ready-to-connect

Plug and play design

Maintenance interval

6000 hours run without oil top-up

Quality assurance programme

Successful CHPQA certification grants eligibility to a range of benefits.

Energy efficiency class


Vitobloc 200 type EM-6/15 –– the entry-level CHP unit

Greater independence

The Vitobloc 200 EM-6/15 mini combined heat and power units make their users a little more independent of energy supply utilities. When running, a CHP unit generates heat and power simultaneously. The power can be used on site or exported to the grid in return for remuneration. The heat is used for heating the building.

These mini CHP units are ideal for small businesses, hotels, restaurants, car dealerships, commercial nurseries, swimming pools and apartment buildings. The compact CHP units have outputs of 6.0  kWel and 14.9  kWth. Integral condensing technology means that up to 94 percent of the fuel used is converted to energy.

High levels of efficiency

The Vitobloc 200 modules of the mini CHP unit come factory-fitted with an extensive range of technical equipment. This includes electricity meters and flexible connections for gas, exhaust, extract air and heating water. That saves time and money in engineering, installation and commissioning.

Their maintenance interval is 6000  hours without oil top-up. One service a year is sufficient.

The CHP Quality Assurance

The CHP Quality Assurance programme (CHPQA) is a government initiative providing a practical, determinate method for assessing all types and sizes of Combined Heat and Power (CHP) schemes throughout the UK. CHP, the simultaneous generation of heat and power in a single process, provides one of the most cost-effective approaches for making carbon savings and plays a crucial role in the UK Climate Change programme.

CHPQA aims to monitor, assess and improve the quality of UK Combined


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Electrical output

6.0  kW

Thermal output

14.9  kW

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