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Vitovalor Fuel Cell

Proven and reliable: Fuel cell technology from Viessmann and Panasonic

For Viessmann, innovating without giving top priority to reliability and durability would be unimaginable. So, for our new fuel cell boiler, we once again turned to proven technology. This is why the Vitovalor was developed in cooperation with Panasonic. The fuel cell module in the Vitovalor is sourced from this renowned multinational electronics company - which has manufactured more than 34,000 appliances in series production for the Japanese market.

This combined heat and power (CHP) solution generates electricity and useful heat simultaneously, giving you a highly efficient solution that can help you to reduce your energy bills and cut your carbon footprint. Similar in size to a standard domestic boiler, our CHP systems are ideal for use in a range of environments, including detached or semi-detached homes and small commercial buildings.  

Powered by a compact fuel cell, these CHP boilers produce electricity that can be used on site to power a range of appliances, while any excess electricity can be exported to the grid. At the same time, our fuel cell CHP solutions harness the heat generated during this process to produce hot water for use in your heating and hot water systems.

Just like a conventional gas boiler, most micro CHP heating systems are powered by natural gas, but our cutting-edge design can also use bio natural gas.

Reduce costs and emissions

By opting for the Vitovalor fuel cell home heating solution, you stand to save up to 30 per cent on your energy costs. As an added bonus, this technology can help you do your bit to protect the planet.  

The efficient design of the technology, which sees heat created as a by-product of the process of generating electricity, means that it can help you to significantly lower your household or business’s CO2 emissions.    

Proven and reliable technology

The Vitovalor includes a supremely well designed fuel cell module from Panasonic. This fuel cell has a proven track record, having been used in more than 200,000 applications in Japan. The fuel cell is integrated into a perfectly matched heating system complete with gas condensing boiler, control unit and domestic hot water cylinder.

All of this means that when you come to us for a micro CHP system, you can be sure you’re getting the very best technology available.

Generate your own power

One of the major advantages of this technology is the fact that it allows for decentralised power generation, making you less reliant on the grid. Given the rising cost of electricity and continuing concern over future energy stability, it’s no surprise that CHP solutions like our Vitovalor are growing in popularity.

In the future, it’s likely that CHP technology will enable a growing number of homes to cater for the majority of their energy requirements independently of the grid.

Three reasons to choose a fuel cell heating appliance

There are plenty of reasons to opt for a fuel cell heating appliance from Viessmann. For example, it will allow you to:

  1. Futureproof your heating and energy systems using hydrogen and natural gas.
  2. Be more independent of increasing electricity prices.
  3. Heat your home more efficiently and economically.
  4. Help to protect the planet, thanks to lower CO2 emissions.

Fuel cell micro-CHP gets strong endorsement

Significant savings for larger homes

Our Vitovalor fuel cell micro CHP unit is a superb option for modern detached or semi-detached houses. It is particularly suitable for use in new builds and renovations, and it can offer major long-term financial benefits.

Anticipates your needs: self-learning energy manager

Viessmann’s fuel cell heating units are power-optimised and heat led. To help ensure the most effective and efficient performance, they come with an energy manager as an integrated feature.  

This is designed to be adaptive and to respond to your specific requirements as a user, only initiating the hydrogen/natural gas driven heating appliance in circumstances where it makes sense to do so. This is when sufficiently long runtimes are expected.

Additional power storage systems

As well as providing innovative fuel cell CHP units, we offer power storage systems. When used in conjunction with our fuel cell technology, power storage ensures that if your CHP unit generates more power than you need at the time, the excess can be stored and used later on, rather than being exported to the grid. In turn, this can help you to further reduce the amount of additional costly power you need to draw from the grid.


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