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VITOMAX LW A robust, low pressure hot water boiler

Energy efficient, clean heat

Energy efficient and clean provision of heat, as well as high levels of operational reliability and system availability, are essential requirements for heating centres in large residential buildings. This requires competent consultation, a comprehensive range of services and heat generators with design features that enable cost-effective, futureproof heat generation.

Design & Technology

Heat generation for residential and commercial buildings accounts for the largest proportion of energy consumption – and at the same time offers the greatest savings potential. Advanced and energy efficient heating systems from Viessmann are in use around the world, not only in many private households, but also in numerous major projects where they make an important contribution to the sustainable protection of energy reserves. In such projects, Viessmann successfully overcomes the most diverse challenges facing advanced heating technology by offering innovative solutions – from historical listed buildings to highly productive industrial complexes and the large scale residential and commercial arena.

The comprehensive range of medium and industrial/commercial boilers includes Viessmann products as well as heat generators and air conditioning units produced by Viessmann Group companies. These are strong brands that meet all the requirements made of powerful and reliable heating technology in the field of renewable energy.

Saving energy and protecting the climate

Viessmann is aware of its responsibility towards the sustained protection of the environment. Our company philosophy and products have been constructed with this duty in mind.

"Nothing is so good that it cannot be improved". This motto is also reflected in our company principles. Viessmann can rightfully claim to be the leader in quality and technology, and as such, aims to continually set new standards. Of course, this applies in particular to the company's product range, which is consistently geared towards significantly lowering the consumption of fossil fuels and gradually replacing them with renewable sources of energy.

At around 40 percent, the heating market actually accounts for the largest proportion of energy consumption. The rest is shared by road haulage, personal transport and power generation, each accounting for 20 percent. Similar values also apply to other industrial countries. Ever-rising energy costs mean that the priority is to reduce the consumption of fossil fuels as quickly as possible.

Our commitment to the environment

Condensing technology offers the greatest energy efficiency

Taking the overall investment and current energy prices into consideration, condensing technology is the most economical alternative. Viessmann gas condensing boilers convert up to 98 percent of the natural gas used into heat. Condensing technology is also futureproof, as it is possible to combine conventional fuels with biofuels such as bio natural gas.

This is why you should invest today in advanced condensing technology. The savings you can make are considerable. Make an effective contribution towards the sustained protection of our climate by preventing unnecessary CO2 emissions.

Viessmann always offers the right solution – with its comprehensive range of medium and industrial/commercial boilers as well as powerful heating systems for sustainable fuels, in particular biomass.

Perfectly coordinated system technology

Viessmann industrial/commercial boiler technology means perfectly coordinated system technology, including:

  • Control and monitoring systems
  • Instrumentation and control technology
  • Pumps and valves
  • Combustion systems with fuel supply
  • Pressure maintaining systems
  • Water treatment
  • Pipeline systems and flue systems
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How can we help?

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