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Question about an existing system

Working on a construction project and need a good plan for your new heating system? Perhaps your old heating system is faulty or is so inefficient that your heating costs have been soaring for years? Or maybe you need heating technology support for your next major project? Whether new build or modernisation, together we will find the new heating system for you.

How can you request a consultation from a Viessmann partner?

In the run-up to a replacement, a modernisation project or a new build, you are likely to have a number of questions, including: Which heating system should it be? Modern condensing technology, for example, works with the traditional fuels such as oil and gas, but with a high level of efficiency. If, on the other hand, you want to switch to renewable energies, a heat pump that uses free environmental energy is a good choice. In addition, there are other issues that need to be addressed: What is your heating behaviour and the heat demand of the building? Is there enough space for fuel storage? And what financial resources do you have? But don't worry – you do not have to answer these and other questions alone. We will help you with a no-obligation expert consultation.

Request an expert consultation for the commercial, industrial or local authority sectors

In order to achieve the best possible result in the long term, there is more to consider than just the right energy system for a commercial, industrial or local authority building – design, implementation and support of the entire project also need to be customised. Request a no-obligation expert consultation and we will support you on your way to a new heating system or suitable system solution. To do this, select the appropriate options in the form and we will contact you promptly to discuss the details with you.

6 simple steps to an expert consultation:

  • Complete the short form. 
  • A Viessmann expert will call you back promptly.
  • Find the right installer in your area together with the expert.
  • You arrange a consultation appointment with the installer.
  • The installer will assess the conditions at your premises and advise you individually on the current Viessmann products that are suitable for your situation.


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