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Stoking the fires of change

120-year-old family firm, Stokes Tea & Coffee, is proof that cutting edge innovation isn’t just for the new kids on the block.

Stokes Lawn Roastery

Added benefits

But efficiency isn’t the only benefit to come from the new heating system: 

“As the existing boilers were of an open flue, natural draught configuration; a booster fan had been installed to the top of the chimney, while a fan assisted duct system provided low level ventilation,” explains Worsdall. “As the new units required a condensing compatible flue liner, we had to remove the old fan assembly which – due to the noise it created – had been housed within a sound box.

“With the fan removed, the new flue termination was housed within the box. The new system has an added benefit of reducing noise levels, particularly towards the adjacent hotel.”

Sustainability across the board

The team at Stokes boasts ambitious sustainability standards; a zero-waste scheme, smart logistics and eco-friendly roasters are just some of the ways they keep emissions down. When it came to the heating system, it was important to have a set up whereby renewable heating technologies could be added in the near future. Heat pumps are currently being considered to supply a new underfloor heating system, while it is hoped that solar thermal technology will heat water for the café and toilet facilities, as part of phase two developments.

Jackson comments, “We are striving to make our Lawn Building into an eco-showcase where we can help share our knowledge and experience in waste and emissions reduction with anyone facing the challenges of owning or occupying historic buildings like ours.”

Stokes Tea and Coffee's historic headquarters

The Results

Indeed, the Vitocal 100-A – an environmentally-responsible heating option that is simple to install – did just the trick for Heather, delivering reliable, efficient, easy to use underfloor heating throughout the property.

Heather found alternative living arrangements during the 14 month build, moving in ahead of schedule thanks to the efforts of Zak as the ASHP installer and a team of local workmen.

“I had the first warm Christmas and warm winter that I have ever had, because I’ve never had central heating,” Heather said. “I said that I’d been used to living in cold atmospheres always, so I didn’t want it overheated. Zak set it at 20 degrees for me, and also set it so that it went down at night and came back up early in the morning. And it’s been no trouble at all ever since, and very easy to work.

“Clean energy is so important and so wonderful. Because it’s running day and night I expected it to be far more expensive than my normal electricity bills, but it was actually very much cheaper. Much to my surprise with my direct debit, I’ve ended up with a very nice amount in credit.

“After the experience I’ve been through, if anybody should ask my advice about an ASHP, I couldn’t praise it enough. It’s been perfect.”

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