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Providing an old stone cottage with simplified, modernised, reliable heating

All buildings naturally encounter problems as they age, this being the case for one old Victorian cottage situated in the rural setting of Barsby, Leicestershire.

Project Overview

All buildings naturally encounter problems as they age, this being the case for one old Victorian cottage situated in the rural setting of Barsby, Leicestershire.

The property had been extended and transformed into a dream home for its owners. However, the additional square footage demanded an overhaul of an already unsatisfactory heating system.

For over a decade the owners suffered with temperamental, highly inconvenient, inefficient heating that failed to get the building to a comfortable temperature and provide reliable hot water. Eventually, when the boiler exploded, they were forced to act.

An effective, futureproofed solution was found, powered by a 32 kW  Vitodens 200-W boiler  and two  Vitocell cylinders.


Providing peace of mind

The temperamental heating and hot water of the original system, powered by a 55 kW boiler, had forced the residents to consistently turn to immersion heaters as a backup and this was proving costly.

“The heating and hot water had never worked properly in 11 years,” states the property owner. “We had had numerous plumbers arrive, look at the various tanks, shake their heads in incomprehension and ask us questions we couldn’t answer.

“Some just walked away, some tried various ‘fixes’ – we did spend a considerable amount of money trying to make things work better – but with only every partial success.”

Struggling to find help, installer  Blakemore Heating & Renewables  (Blakemore) was contacted after being recommended by a mutual friend, and they agreed to inspect the boiler. Upon visiting, they found that the old system was being used to supply two thermal stores and 20 radiators – something that would require just 21 kW when operating at more optimum levels.

Blakemore opted to use Viessmann’s Vitodens 200-W 32 kW system gas-condensing boiler and two 120 litre Vitocell cylinders to overhaul, simplify and modernise the legacy system, futureproof the stone cottage and provide the homeowners with both reliable heating and, more importantly, peace of mind.


Reliable, well-built, efficient, easy to fit and adaptable

Blakemore Heating & Renewables  exclusively uses Viessmann’s boilers in its installations, citing a variety of reasons.

“We had always wanted to stick with one manufacturer, and from what I’d seen and read about Viessmann it seemed like a sound choice. I love how they work, and the ideas behind them,” states Damon Blakemore, the firm’s owner.

“Viessmann are supportive. If we ever need any help, we have a dedicated point of contact that sort things for us as a priority, and I’ve never had any issues with their boilers. They are reliable, well-built, efficient, easy to fit, adaptable. I really admire the whole package.”

In support of the Vitodens boilers and Vitocell cylinders, Blakemore opted to run with a four-pipe set up that would use weather compensation on the heating and lower temperatures to maximise efficiency and comfort.

Thanks to the adaptability of the products, the installers were able to implement a Spirotech low loss header, Wilo-Stratos MAXO pump on auto adapt pressure and IMI Hydronic eclipse valves in tandem, ensuring the system would run lower flow temperatures on the heating while satisfying hot water demand when called on.

The system was also flushed using no chemicals but demineralised water before being filled to VDI 2035 standards, Viessmann being the only boiler manufacturer in the UK that allows for this. The added protection of Spirofill was also incorporated for future top ups if required.

Achieving optimum results

Upon completion, Blakemore had successfully stripped everything back, simplifying and modernising the property’s heating system. The old boilers were replaced by the brand new, compact, highly efficient and reliable Vitodens boiler, which is now providing complete peace of mind to the customer.

Following an easy installation process, the customers have been left with a balanced system capable of reaching and maintaining optimum temperatures with no fluctuations.

They feel empowered, having complete control of the system via the ViCare app. Blakemore, meanwhile, can easily troubleshoot any issues and continue to support the customer, with remote access provided through the Vitoguide software.

“For 11 years, showers were okay, but if you wanted a bath you had about a one in four chance of it being hot,” states the property owner. “This bore no relation to whether the hot water was turned on or if the immersion heaters were used – there was no rhyme or reason to it that we (or any plumber) could find.

“Damon did work out why and every bath since has been hot, and we now have as much hot water as we want. Insofar as it is to be judged just on hot water, the new boiler is great.”

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