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Large property seeks renewable source of heating in rural Cornwall

A couple with a large four bed self-build property in rural Cornwall decided to explore alternative options to oil and LPG, as they are off the gas grid.

Large property in Cornwall with Ground Source Heat Pump

Project Overview

A couple with a large four bed self-build property in rural Cornwall decided to explore alternative options to oil and LPG, as they are off the gas grid. The customer was looking for an efficient and  renewable heating  solution, which would both reduce energy bills and the impact on the environment.

This client was interested in whether or not the small lake on their grounds could be suitable as the energy source. This was an ambitious project not because of the size of the house, but also because the lake is almost 200m away from the manifold.  

The Solution

Viessmann-approved installer, Harvest Cornwall, advised the customer on the best possible solution. They explained that a ground source heat pump was the best choice due to it having the highest COP (efficiency) of any heating solution - the greatest benefit being low bills.

Harvest Cornwall works with Viessmann heat pumps because of the quality of the products, which are also offered with solid guarantees. They installed a Viessmann  Vitocal 300-G  21.2kW 3-phase, 5001 cylinder and associated Viessmann accessories.

The house is large and the hot water outlets were located at either end of the property with a separate plant room. There was therefore a requirement for fitting underground thermal pipework and a secondary return, ensuring the customer could experience maximum hot water output even at the furthest water outlet.  

The couple are thrilled with their heating choice. Their heat pump runs from solar panels in part and their heat is generated from their own little lake. They said they're very happy with their Viessmann ground source because they now have comfortable heating all year round and it's renewable.

The client said: "We did have concerns that during the summer months we may experience a reduction in efficiency as the water levels would drop but in fact it performed really well. We're very happy with our decision, the Viessmann  ground source heat pump  fitted by Harvest Cornwall does its job very well, it's really quiet and in fact since we've had  the heating on I've even had to turn it down. It's really good, we can't believe how low our energy bills are. We're thankful for Harvest Cornwall's advice and knowledge throughout the whole thing, it made it easy to not go with oil."

Harvest Cornwall commented: "Viessmann is a German manufacturer that has been making heat pumps since the 70's, the result being they're the quietest on the market.

We've never had a callback to a problem with Viessmann (other than a quick electrical fix) and that speaks louder than words for us."  

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