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Which heating systems and solutions are suitable for new build?

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Nowadays, there are numerous system solutions for heating, cooling, ventilation and generating electricity in new buildings. Before making concrete plans, building owners should find out about the realistic options. After all, Viessmann's integrated range of solutions offers numerous benefits, such as increased self-sufficiency in relation to electricity providers, or fully comprehensive energy management of all systems from a single source. However, there are also regulations and requirements to be observed when planning and undertaking a building project. The following sections therefore provide you with an overview of our system solutions for new buildings and the specifics of what you need to consider.

Viessmann solutions for new build: can be expanded to create complete systems

A newly built house is more than the sum of its parts. It offers comfort, practicality and a home for life. Viessmann's expectations of the system components in our heating, cooling, ventilation and power-generating technology are similar. The focus is not only on the individual components, but also on their integration and ability to be expanded into a balanced whole. In this respect, new buildings lend themselves particularly well to the installation of complete systems: thanks to Viessmann system solutions for new build, you benefit from greater reliability, flexibility and efficiency.

Vitovolt 300 photovoltaic modules

The aforementioned Viessmann solution and system concept encompasses all areas that make an energy efficient new building what it is: a climate-friendly living space with the best possible quality of life for current and future generations. From highly efficient heat pumps such as our latest generation of Vitocal; appliances for combined heat and power generation such as the micro CHP unit, i.e. the Vitovalor fuel cell; the extensive portfolio of boilers for logs and pellets in the Vitoligno range; or our solutions for solar thermal and photovoltaics with the Vitocharge VX3 power storage unit. In addition, the central and decentralised Vitovent ventilation systems with heat recovery are part of the complete range of solutions for new buildings.

Benefits of Viessmann heat pumps in new build

  • Free heat from ambient or environmental energy
  • Independence from fossil fuels – oil and gas
  • Can also be used for cooling in summer
  • Can be combined with a solar thermal system in dual mode, or with a gas boiler in multi mode
  • Significant reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Extensive subsidy options

Benefits of our fuel cell heating systems in new build

  • Generate heat and power at the same time
  • Independence from rising electricity prices
  • Savings of up to 40  percent on heating costs possible
  • Climate-friendly due to low CO2 emissions

Benefits of our log boilers and pellet heating systems in new build

  • Efficient and environmentally conscious heating

  • Automatic charging possible (pellet heating)

  • Efficiency of up to 95.3  percent

  • Available with compact dimensions

  • Highly reliable

Hybrid heating systems: futureproof energy mix with hybrid solutions in new build

  • Always heat with the cheapest energy source available

  • Particularly ecological operation possible

  • Ready today for the electricity market of the future thanks to modular system

  • High state subsidies from federal funding

  • Hybrid appliances for oil or gas can be retrofitted on request

DHW heating and central heating backup with solar thermal in new build

  • Up to 25  percent energy savings by combining the heating system with solar thermal

  • With solar central heating backup, the boiler remains off and saves costs

  • Free heat through the use of solar energy

  • Intermediate storage of heat not required

  • High subsidy options

Take advantage of the benefits of controlled mechanical ventilation in new build

  • Consistently good room climate and constant air changes

  • Effective protection against mould and moisture damage

  • Energy saving through more efficient use of heat

  • Outdoor air filter against allergens, pollen and viruses in the house

System technology and apps for seamless connectivity

A broad selection of system-integrated apps and platforms rounds off the range of new build solutions and ensures that all components work together in a network and can be expanded seamlessly, step by step. As a result, nothing stands in the way of users and installers being able to quickly and simply control and monitor their systems. Thanks to reliable and sophisticated Viessmann system technology, it is easier than ever to establish a smart home and apply the cost saving solutions of the future. Everything takes place via Viessmann One Base, the shared platform that draws together all the appliances and electronic applications you choose into one climate and energy solution.

ViCare app –– the "energy cockpit" for tablet and smartphone

The only thing you need to monitor and control the systems in your new build is the ViCare app from Viessmann. Your energy cockpit provides a clear and simple overview of all household energy flows. If you wish, your contractor can also access the data. This enables them to constantly monitor the status of your system, without having to make unnecessary site visits.

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