A powerful gas condensing boiler for commercial applications

The Vitodens 200-W is a wall hung gas condensing boiler for commercial applications, available in 49, 60, 80, 99, 120, 150 kW models. The high output gas condensing boiler is one of the most efficient and reliable boilers for commercial use.

  • EfficiencyLabel
  • Up to 10 years
  • Large
  • Quiet
  • Commercial
  • 49 & 60 kW endorsed by
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Cascade up to 
    900 kW 
  • Made in
  • Gross efficiency up to 98%
  • Noise emission of less than 32dB (A)
  • Cascade up to 900 kW with 6 units (150 kW models)
  • Up to 4 Bar operating pressure on 49 to 99 kW and 6 Bar on the 120 to 150 kW
  • New pump connection sets for single boiler use including low loss header
  • Energy efficiency class: A
  • Which? Best Buy Boilers 2019 on the 49 & 60 kW models
  • NOx <24mg/kWh (2 Credit Points) in line with 'BREEAM UK New Construction 2018 - Technical Manual' assessment criteria

Key Benefits

Vitodens 200-W with new pump connection set, for single boilers from 49 to 150 kW.

New pump connection sets:

  • Smaller connection sets for single boiler use
  • Connection set includes low loss header
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Reduced hydraulic intersections
  • Higher installation flexibility due to less space needed and installation frame with left/right wall/frame installation options
  • Made and patented by Viessmann

Cascade up to 594 kW with six Vitodens 200-W boilers.

Now 30% smaller than the previous cascade configuration, it is perfect for plant rooms with lower footprints or with a small headroom, as the boiler height can be adjusted on the frame. Suitable for row, block or even corner installations, the compact cascade can be wall mounted or simply fitted with a free-standing frame for 2,3,4,5 or 6 boiler units at a time. This can deliver a maximum output of 594 kW with a 6 boiler cascade. (49 to 99 kW models).

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Highly efficient MatriX cylinder burner

The integral Lambda Pro Plus combustion controller automatically adapts to the properties of different gas types (natural gas, LPG, biogas) and ensures consistently high energy efficiency. Lambda Pro Plus helps to keep maintenance costs down and reduce the environmental impact of the boiler.

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Product Data

ViCare app

With the new ViCare app, operating your heating system has become even easier and more intuitive.

Vitotrol app

With the Vitotrol app and a smartphone, controlling Viessmann heating systems couldn't be easier.

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