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Utilise free solar energy for generating power using photovoltaics

As renewable energy systems have become more widespread, consumers and end users are increasingly keen to generate their own electricity. Today, an efficient photovoltaic system offers the opportunity to make profitable use of free solar energy. By installing photovoltaic modules, users demonstrate their responsible attitude towards the environment, and make an active contribution towards protecting the climate by reducing CO2 emissions.

With energy costs constantly rising, a photovoltaic system helps users save money and reduces their dependence on energy suppliers. The power they generate can be used for their own needs or exported to the public grid. Thanks to statutory remuneration and savings resulting from on-site consumption, the investment pays for itself in just a few years. A photovoltaic system also increases the value of the property.

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Photovoltaics product types

PV Modules

Discover the benefits of photovoltaic technology with Viessmann's range of advanced photovoltaic modules, characterised by high yield capacity, uncompromising quality and guaranteed safety.

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The Vitovolt Family

High yielding photovoltaic modules; quality without compromise.

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Design & Technology

Viessmann photovoltaic technology offers you perfectly coordinated components consisting of photovoltaic modules, inverters and installation systems, as well as power storage systems and heat pumps to increase the utilisation of power generated on site.

The high quality photovoltaic modules ensure economic efficiency and a long service life. Comprehensive services – from planning and sizing through to delivery and servicing – complete the PV deal on offer from Viessmann's professional trade partners.

As well as their exceptional performance, our range of photovoltaic products are designed with aesthetics in mind. The result is a choice of stunning panels that complement any rooftop.

Vitocharge energy storage unit

Power storage systems

Viessmann power storage systems increase the on-site consumption of energy you generate and improve the efficiency of the photovoltaic system. The system will charge the power storage unit when your home is not calling for electricity. When required, this power is used, for example to drive household appliances. If the power storage unit is fully charged and no consumers are connected, excess power will be exported into the grid and remunerated accordingly.

System concept for high proportion of own consumption

Since solar power generated on site costs less than drawing power from the grid, own consumption offers financial advantages. An optimised system concept with perfectly matched components means that a high level of own consumption is ensured.

[1] PV system
[2] PV inverter
[3] PV meter with reverse block
[4] Consumer
[5] Electricity meter (HP)
[6] Heat pump with Vitotronic 200 (Type WO1C)
[7] Consumption and feed-in meter
[8] Public grid

System Presentation - Photovoltaic Power Storage System

The optimum system concept with Viessmann heat pumps

Those intending to combine a photovoltaic system with a heat pump should select a heat pump that specifically optimises own consumption and can be adapted to match the generating patterns of the PV system. For this purpose Viessmann has developed a
correspondingly matched system comprising photovoltaics and heat pump. Via an energy meter, the heat pump control unit detects whether the PV system is supplying sufficient amounts of power – which is then used by the heat pump to heat the DHW and heating water. The heat gained during the day via photovoltaics is held in a well-insulated DHW cylinder and can be used as domestic hot water and for heating as and when required.

With the Viessmann Vitotronic 200 type WO1C heat pump control unit, own consumption of solar power is automatically increased. Combining the Viessmann heat pump with a photovoltaic system also offers the option of integrating additional components that increase own consumption of the solar power generated on site, such as ventilation equipment for example.

Measured data and adaptive logic

Using measured data and adaptive logic, the control unit determines if and when demand for DHW, heating or cooling can be expected in the building. Depending on the demand determined, the heat pump supplies heat to the DHW cylinder, the heating water buffer cylinder or the heating system. Alternatively, the heat pump can also be switched to cool the building.

Before the heat pump is activated, priority is given to meeting the power demand for the electrical household appliances with the solar power generated on site. After the household appliances have been supplied, an energy meter captures the amount of remaining solar power and communicates this to the heat pump. Via the heat pump, the solar surplus can then be stored in the form of thermal energy and made available when it is required. This raises the level of own consumption and makes use of the solar energy while it is available.

Thanks to the targeted increase in the proportion of own consumption, the economic viability of the photovoltaic system is substantially increased. The lower cost of the solar power also makes the heat pump more economically attractive.

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Vitovolt 200

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