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Photovoltaic systems

On average, the sun emits 1,000 kWh of energy onto every square metre of central Europe every year. This is equivalent to the energy content in 100 litres of fuel oil. With Viessmann solar collectors, you can harness this energy to generate heat. A solar thermal system is the ideal addition to any heating system, reducing energy consumption for the long term.

By installing a Viessmann photovoltaic system, anyone can generate their own power. The conversion of free solar energy into power is financially rewarding when it is consumed on site, and when combined with power storage units it also provides greater independence from the grid.

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The Vitovolt product line-up

Vitovolt 200

Vitovolt 200

For independence from electricity prices

A powerful photovoltaic module, at an attractive price. Available with monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon cells, making them suitable for a wide range of roof areas.

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Discover the Vitovolt 200
Vitovolt 300

Vitovolt 300

A high yield photovoltaic module

A photovoltaic modules with a high yield capacity, uncompromising quality and guaranteed safety. Features a black anodised frame and monocrystalline cells in a particularly dark hue for an exceptional appearance on every r...

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Discover the Vitovolt 300

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Design & Technology

When you choose Viessmann photovoltaic technology, you can count on our high quality and technical expertise thanks to more than 40 years' experience in developing and manufacturing solar thermal systems.

All Viessmann heating systems are designed to work in combination with solar technology, so you can opt for a heat pump, a wood heating system or a new oil or gas condensing boiler as you wish.

Vitovolt 300 PV
Monocrystalline PV panel

Power from the sun

An 8.5 m² area of photovoltaic cells is sufficient to cover the average power consumption of one person.

With a photovoltaic system, you have your own power plant right on the roof of your house. Up to 100% of the total annual power consumption of a four-person household can be produced from it. 

Thanks to the feed-in tariff in effect since April 2010, money can be earned for every kilowatt hour of energy generated, plus additional money for any energy fed into the grid.

Environmentally friendly energy

By installing solar collectors, you are showing your commitment to protecting the environment by reducing CO2 emissions for the long-term.

By choosing Viessmann, you are opting for future-proof technology and a system in which all components interact to optimum effect.

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Active cooling on a sunny day

Heat from the sun

Around one third of the total energy demand in the UK is expended on heating buildings. Energy-conscious construction and economical heating systems, such as condensing technology, can substantially reduce this consumption. This then contributes to the preservation of resources and to the protection of the earth's atmosphere.

One important savings potential is offered by DHW heating. In our latitudes, solar collectors combined with a DHW cylinder represent the most interesting alternative to boiler operation, especially during the summer months. In spring and autumn, you may often be able to turn off your boiler when using solar energy to back up your central heating.

Solar energy for DHW heating and space heating

The dual-mode hot water storage cylinder is the centerpiece of this solution. When there is sufficient insulation, the solar medium in the solar system passes through the heat exchanger to heat up the water in the domestic hot water cylinder. When the temperature drops when water is used for a bath or shower, for example, the boiler will start to provide additional heating via the second circuit if necessary.

Solar system for DHW heating and backup heating

The solar medium heated up in the solar collectors can also be used to heat domestic hot water and to warm up heating water. To do so, the heating circuit uses the water continuously heated by the solar collectors in the solar cylinder via a heat exchanger. The control checks whether the required room temperature can be achieved. The boiler will switch on as well if the temperature is below the target level.

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