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The right model for every house

The Vitovolt family of photovoltaic modules is distinguished by their high output, uncompromising quality and extensive product and performance guarantees. In addition, all modules offer only 'plus' output tolerances as standard. You benefit from an increase in output of up to 5 Wp as a result. Our photovoltaic modules are suitable for installation on the roofs of detached houses and apartment buildings, as well as on commercial and industrial premises.

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The Vitovolt product line-up

Vitovolt 200
For independence from electricity prices

A powerful photovoltaic module, at an attractive price. Available with monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon cells, making them suitable for a wide range of roof areas.

  • Detached
  • Commercial
  • Easy
  • Eligible for
Discover the Vitovolt 200
Vitovolt 300
A high yield photovoltaic module

A photovoltaic modules with a high yield capacity, uncompromising quality and guaranteed safety. Features a black anodised frame and monocrystalline cells in a particularly dark hue for an exceptional appearance on every r...

  • Ideal for
  • Ideal for
  • High yield
  • Anti-reflection
Discover the Vitovolt 300

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The ideal model for every requirement

The right photovoltaic module for any requirement: The Vitovolt family offers  monocrystalline modules up to an output rating of 270 Wp. The range also includes 48 or 60 cell polycrystalline modules that have an output of up to 260 Wp. 

Attractive design

The Vitovolt family is distinguished by the design and dimensions. Modules in the MSBC series feature a black anodised frame, monocrystalline cells in a particularly dark hue and a black Tedlar film. Extraordinary design has been combined with the highest performance values! The effect is even more architecturally stunning when these modules are incorporated into a flush mounted roof integration system.

Take advantage of these benefits:

  • Positive output tolerance for additional output of up to 5 Wp per module
  • Anti-reflection glass for high yields
  • Security of investment resulting from product guarantee extended to 10 years and a 25-year output guarantee to at least 80 % of rated output
  • High module efficiency of up to 16.8 %
  • Non-twisting anodised aluminium frame
  • Strict cell selection process for balanced and high value appearance
  • High operational reliability as a result of three bypass diode jumpers
  • Tested Viessmann quality: Every photovoltaic module is subjected to an optical and electrical quality test
  • Standardised process for the ability to recycle all Vitovolt 300 modules in a sustainable and efficient manner

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