Save money with power and heat from free solar energy

At Viessmann, we are committed to designing and developing innovative technology with the future in mind; designing our products with a view to supporting and encouraging the use of sustainable, renewable energy sources. This means that all of our boilers can be complemented with free, natural energy from your home’s solar panels, helping your house to become more environmentally friendly and reducing fuel bills by harnessing the power of the sun.

Solar thermal heating systems

If you are planning to replace your existing boiler and already have solar panels on your home, many of our products are designed to support the use of energy from these to supplement your heating with a completely natural, green energy source; helping to reduce your home’s footprint on the environment and reduce bills.

Which heating system is the best for you?

For those investing in a new heating system today or planning a new build, you should consider designing it from the outset to include a solar thermal system. This will not only allow you to benefit from maximum efficiency and lower energy consumption, but it will also enable you to look forward to lower monthly energy bills. The solar compatible range of Viessmann heating solutions offers everything you need to make your new home as green and future proof as possible.

Solar water heating systems

Installing a solar powered water heating system in conjunction with a Viessmann boiler system will enable you to utilise the free heat from the sun to warm your domestic hot water, helping to save money on your bills and reduce your home’s CO2 footprint.

A solar hot water heater works by using solar collectors on the roof of your home. The solar collectors will collect heat from the sun and use it to heat up water which is stored in a hot water cylinder. 

Solar panels on UK homes

A solar hot water heater can either work independently, depending on how much sunlight there is, or it can work in-conjunction with our range of boilers or an immersion heater to heat the water in your home.

By installing solar collectors on your property, you will be sustainably lowering CO2 emissions and demonstrating your commitment to protecting the environment.

Viessmann solar thermal technology

By choosing Viessmann technology for your home, you will be choosing technology which is equipped for the future. All of our boiler systems are compatible with our solar thermal systems, allowing you to utilise the free energy provided by the sun to reduce your energy bills and reduce your dependency on non-renewable energy sources whilst helping to reduce your home’s environmental impact. All of our products are manufactured in Germany to the highest of standards, giving them a reputation for performance, reliability and longevity.

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With more than 30 years' experience in the development and manufacture of solar thermal systems, you can count on our high quality technical expertise. Whether you opt for a new condensing boiler for oil or gas, a heating system for wood or a heat pump, all of our systems can be utilised in combination with solar technology.

The potential savings from solar thermal systems

*These potential savings are given only as a guide 


Fuel cost / kWh: £0.167

Boiler efficiency: 100%

Annual savings* : £267


Fuel cost / kWh: £0.47

Boiler efficiency: 90%

Annual savings* : £84


Fuel cost / kWh: £0.057

Boiler efficiency: 90%

Annual savings* : £101


Fuel cost / kWh: £0.042

Boiler efficiency: 90%

Annual savings* : £75