Vacuum tube collectors 

Viessmann’s evacuated tube solar collectors offer a highly effective way to harness the sun’s energy to provide hot water for your home. By installing these solar thermal collectors on your property, you stand to reduce your energy bills and cut your carbon footprint.

Vacuum tube collectors work by absorbing heat from the sun to produce hot water, which is then stored in a highly insulated cylinder. The collectors can meet a significant proportion of your household’s hot water needs, and they can be supplemented by other heating systems to ensure you have access to all the hot water you need year-round. Their peak output occurs during the summer months, but they work throughout the seasons and produce hot water even in overcast conditions.

Our evacuated tube collectors are designed and made to offer impressive levels of efficiency and reliability. They feature a highly selective coating that absorbs vast amounts of solar energy. In addition, their vacuum design means the tubes have very effective thermal insulation. This ensures there is almost no loss of heat between the absorber and the glass tubes.

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The Vitosol product line-up

Vitosol 300-TM
A high performance vacuum tube collector

Particularly recommended for use in restricted spaces, the Vitosol 300-TM is one of the most efficient vacuum tube collectors on the market. This high performance system is ideal for use on detached homes and apartment bui...

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Discover the Vitosol 300-TM

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Design & Technology

Our solar thermal collectors feature advanced technology for maximum effectiveness, efficiency, safety and reliability. We have over 40 years’ experience in developing and manufacturing solar thermal systems, meaning you can count on our technical expertise.

These systems are designed to provide hot water year-round, and they can work in combination with our other heating solutions. Whether you have an oil or gas condensing boiler, a heat pump or a heating system for wood, you will be able to use it in conjunction with our evacuated tube solar collectors.

High energy yields for years to come

Viessmann vacuum tube solar collectors are designed to last. When you choose one of these solutions for your home, you can rest assured it will offer an exceptionally long service life. 

This is thanks to our use of high grade, corrosion-resistant materials, such as stainless steel, copper, aluminium and glass. Also, the absorber, which is an integral part of the vacuum tube, protects the tubes from the weather and from contamination.

Quick and safe installation

Vitosol tube collectors are provided in a pre-assembled modular design that ensures easy installation. They feature an innovative push-fit system, meaning the tubes can be installed quickly. In addition, the tubes are designed so that they can be rotated individually for optimum solar alignment.

The solar vacuum tubes are connected to each other in what is called a ‘dry state’, meaning there is no direct contact between the solar medium and the process medium. This allows the individual tubes to be replaced without the whole system being drained. The collectors are held in position with stainless steel corrugated push-fit connectors.

Innovative and reliable technology

Our solar thermal collectors benefit from the very latest technology and features, meaning they provide impressive levels of efficiency and reliability. We continue to build on our many decades of experience in developing and making solar thermal systems to ensure our customers benefit from the best solutions available.

Helping to protect the environment

Viessmann solar tube collectors are not only good for helping you to cut your energy costs; they can also play an important role in reducing your carbon footprint. These solutions can help you to lower your CO2 emissions over the long term. 

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