Minimum emissions, maximum flexibility

Our Vitomax-HS boilers are high pressure steam boilers that comply with category IV of the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC, with a permissible operating pressure of 6 to 25 bar. 

As early as the development phase for the steam boilers, our engineers collaborated closely with globally represented burner manufacturers. The result is three boiler types in this series that offer minimum emissions and a high degree of flexibility:

High pressure steam boilers product Line-Up

Vitomax HS
A compact and efficient steam boiler

A high pressure steam boiler that is ideal for large industrial concerns. Provides a continuous supply of steam at an output of 0.5 to 4 t/h with an operating pressure extending from 6 to 20 bar. 

  • Large
  • Operating pressure
    6 - 20 bar
  • Steam output
    0.5 - 4 t/h
  • Continuous
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Design & Technology

Due to their design and configuration, Vitomax industrial/commercial high pressure boilers are best placed to meet individual customer requirements in a broad range of applications. Thanks to certain design features particular to the Vitomax boilers, as well as our extensive experience in building large industrial/commercial boilers, we are able to ensure outstanding quality, high levels of operational reliability and a long service life.

The comprehensive product range from Viessmann includes a range of features including advanced flame tube/smoke tube design with low combustion chamber loading, internal water-cooled reversing chambers and water-cooled burner opening without refractory linings to ensure clean combustion of oil and gas with all conventional, commercially available, advanced burner systems.

Perfectly coordinated system design

Viessmann industrial/commercial boiler technology means perfectly coordinated system design. This includes:

  • Control and monitoring systems
  • Instrumentation & control technology
  • Combustion systems with fuel supply
  • Water treatment
  • Feedwater tank with thermal deaeration
  • Pipeline systems and flue systems
  • Heat recovery systems
  • Water analysis

Expert advice from the outset

Experts from our industrial boiler team cooperate with their local partners in developing economical and futureproof solutions based on your individual plans. Design in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive and country-specific regulations takes into account all requirements and safety regulations for every piece of equipment – from the initial concept through to commissioning.

Futureproof, clean combustion

Our high pressure steam boilers are designed for clean combustions, featuring very low combustion chamber volume loading in conjunction with the three-pass design, which enables boilers to comply with even the strictest of emission limits - both now and in the future. Even when stricter limitations are introduced, the futureproof technology will still remain within acceptable parameters.

Boilers for every application

The output range of our high pressure boilers meets the requirements for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications for which high power steam is required. The design of our boilers has been tried and tested in thousands of applications. 

Built to last

Viessmann commercial and industrial boilers are designed for maximum reliability and are designed with a range of features to ensure These features combine to bring about high operational reliability and a long service life.

Depending on the model chosen, features include:

  • Optimum expansion clearances between the pipes themselves and between the pipes and the boiler shell for a long service life
  • Highly effective thermal insulation with sheet steel casing
  • Hinged boiler door to facilitate cleaning and maintenance of the boiler
  • Load bearing boiler cover – for easier installation and maintenance

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