Heating, cooling, ventilation and power generation in new builds

If you would like to discover more on innovative technology for heating, cooling, ventilation and power generation in new builds, you can find a comprehensive overview of the wide range of possibilities currently available here.

Heating, cooling, ventilating and generating power responsibly

The global energy situation is characterised by limited natural gas and oil reserves at a time of increasing consumption. In addition, CO2 emissions are warming our atmosphere and leading to climate change. These factors are forcing us to be sparing in our use of fossil fuels and demand improved efficiency in heating, cooling, ventilation and power generation, as well as greater use of renewable energy.

Which heating system is the best for you?

Energy efficiency designation

A decision-making aid for buying a new heating system: the new energy efficiency identification standardised throughout Europe.

Refrigerators, television sets and washing machines have been identified with an energy efficiency label for several years. This identification is now also mandatory for heating equipment. Individual components, such as heat generators and DHW cylinders along with complete heating systems, will be identified with energy efficiency labels in future.

System overview

There are a number of options for anyone seeking an innovative system for heating, cooling, ventilation or power generation in new build. Which is the right energy source for me? What is value for money and what is ecologically sound? Get an overview of each system and discover the advantages each offers.

Twin strategy: Improved efficiency and substitution

Since we became aware of the problem of global warming, politicians and economists worldwide have been working on strategies aimed at saving fossil fuels. Under the 'Action Plan on Energy Efficiency', for example, the EU Commission has set a target of saving 20 percent of energy across Europe by 2020. Through economical and responsible use of fossil fuels and innovative heating, cooling, ventilation and power generation technology, every homeowner can play an active part in protecting the environment. At the same time, investing in advanced technology saves costs right from the start, as energy consumption can be markedly reduced.


Alongside oil and gas boilers and combined heat and power appliances, Viessmann offers every technology required for the utilisation of renewable energy sources, used both for heating and cooling. These include highly efficient heat pumps that allow you to use the heat naturally latent in the ground, in groundwater or in the surrounding air. In addition, there are innovative boilers using logs or pellets, powerful solar thermal systems for DHW heating and central heating backup, and photovoltaic modules for generating power and mechanical ventilation.

These include highly efficient air source and ground source heat pumps.

No matter which Viessmann system you choose, their high energy efficiency will help you to reduce energy bills and at the same time protect the environment.  

For information - Please check UK availability before progressing specification. 

Heating with gas condensing technology and solar backup

Heating with gas and solar – highly efficient and futureproof

Gas technology plus solar thermal
Generate power while you heat

Heat and power from a single source – the domestic fuel cell

Vitovalor Fuel Cell

Not sure which system is best for you?

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Heating with airborne and geothermal heat

Heat pump for the efficient utilisation of air/geothermal heat

Discover our heat pumps
Heating with wood

Heating with wood – the sustainable alternative

Solar thermal

Free solar energy

Discover our solar thermal products

More efficient by design: perfectly matched heating technology from Viessmann

Viessmann's comprehensive range offers all heating components from a single source. All components are so perfectly matched that the heating system achieves the highest levels of efficiency in practice.

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