Vitotrol 300-E radio remote control

The Vitotrol 300-E is a high-quality radio remote control for operation of your heating system, which can be installed in any living space. It communicates wirelessly with the boiler via low-power radio.

Product features 

  • Set room temperatures in different operating modes (Comfort, Normal & Reduced) for one, two, three or up to 4 heating circuits
  • Comfort functions such as holiday programme and holiday at home programme
  • Illuminated graphic display to show outdoor temperature, indoor temperature & indoor humidity levels
  • Intuitive colour-based user navigation (light guide)
  • Encrypted 2.4 GHz low power radio link
  • Optional 2.4 Ghz WLAN radio connection for automatic software updates

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  •  Vitotrol 300-E is connected to the heating system via a wall mounting
  • Power supply 5V (white)
  • Ordered separately: flush-mounted power supply 12V (not included in delivery)


  • Via low-power wireless connection with the heater
  • Via WLAN with the DSL router (via heater)


  • USB Micro Socket for plug-in power supply 5V (white)
  • Screw connection for flush-mounted power supply unit (can be ordered separately)
  • Use a maximum of one Vitotrol 300-E per boiler: Not in conjunction with wired remote controls

Supported Devices

Viessmann wall mounted gas condensing boilers

  • Vitodens 200-W (Type B2HF & B2KF)
  • Vitodens 222-W (Type B2TF)
  • Vitodens 222-F (Type B2TE & B2SE)

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