‘The Nation’s Warmest Appreciation’ Competition

We are delighted to announce the winners of ‘The Nation’s Warmest Appreciation’ competition.

Here at Viessmann, we want to highlight the good that people do for others on a daily basis which can often go unnoticed. We ran a competition for children between the ages of 5 and 14 to nominate someone they think has gone above and beyond to help others during this time.

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone who's taken the time to show gratitude to our everyday heroes. We have had many heart-warming submissions and we are touched by all the good that has come out of such a trying time. Our winners who have gone above and beyond can be seen below.

Each winner and their nomination received £100 each, as well as a £100 donation to a charity of their choice. This was also important to us as we wanted to recognise that there are still many other charities and causes that are in need of extra funding and support right now; it makes perfect sense to donate a part of the prize to those causes too.

Colin Bright, Sighthill

The first winner announced was Colin Bright of Sighthill, Edinburgh. He was nominated by his son, Charlie, for helping to look after him and his mum, Tracey, who has a long-term hearing impairment during lockdown.

Colin, 50, recently celebrated 30 years of continuous service with the NHS, working at Sighthill Health Centre. During the course of lockdown, Colin was on hand to help Charlie with his homework and to help Tracey cope with the effects of lockdown after she was feeling lonely and isolated during the height of the pandemic and more recently, feeling apprehensive about visiting shops because of the recent government ruling enforcing the wearing of masks in all shops, cinemas, banks, museums and places of worship.

“I tend to stay at home as much as possible as the wearing of face masks has left me really stressed out due to not enough awareness of the sunflower lanyard for hidden disabilities,” says Tracey.

“I have, a few times, had to explain myself to shop store staff as they have been asking me questions and I can’t see their face if they have a mask on! It feels rather embarrassing as I don’t like having to explain myself. After a few situations, I gave up going, so now Colin has an extra job to do and go to shops when he gets home from work or at the weekend.”

Ryan Bromley, Farnworth

The second winner that Viessmann announced was Ryan Bromley, aged 16 from Farnworth in Bolton, who was nominated by his sister, Izebella, aged 7. “My brother deserves to win, he has worked very hard lately and has been upset recently as he has had to miss out on his GCSEs and his prom and I think this is not fair,” says Izebella. Ryan was also praised by his sister for his charitable efforts after setting up Farnworth & Kearsley Events Team charity after discovering other teenagers in the area who were not able to take part in trips and events due to their financial situations.

“Ryan noticed that a lot of local teenagers in the area who didn’t get to do much were massively missing out on activities that other kids their age were doing and he decided that he wanted to help out. He’s been running it for about a year and a half now with the help of his friends and other locals in the area and it’s been doing really well,” says Ryan’s mother, Eva.

Libby Scott, Haverfordwest

The third and final winner was Libby Scott, 11, of Haverfordwest. Libby was nominated by her sister Ebony, 14, after Libby set out to combat loneliness in the community by sending touching letters to the elderly.

“Although the closest town is Haverfordwest, our local community is Roch, which is a small village. Libby would ride her bike to Roch and post her letters in the letterbox, then continue the ride through Camrose, which is a 10-mile bike ride loop,” said her Mum, Rachel.

“Libby is such a gentle and kind soul who always thinks of other people. She is incredibly thoughtful and caring and will often make things for other people, especially her friends and family. I am really proud of both my girls and everything they do to help others.“

Both Ebony and Libby have in the past raised money for numerous charities including their chosen charity, Green Acres, and a local food bank by baking, selling their old books and arranging charity days in their schools.

“This has been a tough year for many of us, each facing our own challenges thanks to the unprecedented fallout the pandemic has brought. As a family-owned company that has pulled out all the stops to take care of its own members around the world over the past few months, Viessmann wanted to focus on all the good that has been going on around us all and how these times have also brought us all closer together,” says James Harper, Marketing Manager at Viessmann.