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How to get rid of mould in the bathroom

Bathroom mould is a common problem and it is usually caused by this particular room’s high humidity levels.

Let’s take a step back in time to your school science lessons. When water reaches a certain temperature, it evaporates and becomes water vapour. As the vapour cools down, it condenses back into a liquid. Simple, right? Well this process occurs every time you have a shower.

As the water evaporates when you’re having a bath or shower, the humidity levels increase in your bathroom. If this room is not sufficiently ventilated, this warm, humid air has nowhere to go and can prevent the room from drying out properly.

If you have tiles in your bathroom, you may notice that they have a fine layer of water covering them. This is because tiles are a naturally cold material. As the water vapour hits the cold surface of the tile, the vapour condenses back into liquid.

All of this additional moisture can cause mould to grow. This nasty substance can be unpleasant to look at and it can also be bad for your health. Therefore, we’ve come up with some techniques to keep your bathroom dry and mould-free, while also providing some advice on how you can get rid of any mould that already exists.  

Is a gas safety check different to a boiler service?

A gas safety check is different to a service, but the two things can be done together. A gas safety check includes all the tests and checks required to make sure your boiler is safe to use. This means ensuring that the appliance is physically stable, the gas is burning as it should and any chimneys or flues are working correctly. It’s important to be aware that this check doesn’t help to maintain the reliability and performance of your appliance.

A boiler service in contrast includes all of the safety checks mentioned above, as well as other inspections, checks and cleaning as specified in the boiler manufacturer's instructions.

How Viessmann can help

If you have a Viessmann boiler, it pays to make sure it is serviced by an engineer trained in our appliances. A Viessmann boiler service will ensure that the checks are carried out to the highest possible standard, and that genuine spare parts are fitted if required.

If you would like to arrange a boiler service with one of our Gas Safe registered engineers or you have any questions about Viessmann boiler maintenance, don’t hesitate to  contact  our customer services team.

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