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Oil hybrid heating – flexible use of energy sources

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Viessmann Vitocal 250-S

When it comes to energy and heating, there are a lot of solutions out there. The decision to go with one heating system or another is not easy. One thing's for certain: prices for the fossil fuels oil and gas, and for electricity, are subject to strong fluctuations in the long term. So it's all the better if you do not have to rely on a single energy source for your heating, but can instead invest in a futureproof hybrid solution.

Oil condensing boiler plus heat pump

Viessmann combines highly efficient oil condensing technology with the utilisation of free environmental energy. This energy mix is both renewable and highly efficient, giving users the greatest possible freedom to use the more favourable energy source at any given time – renewable environmental energy or oil.

The control unit settings can be adjusted for any situation on the energy market so that the most affordable and efficient mode of operation is always selected when energy prices are fluctuating.

Hybrid heating – the futureproof energy mix

Oil hybrid appliances

When it comes to retrofitting existing oil condensing boilers with free environmental energy, Viessmann has the right system for you: the Vitocal 250-S split air source heat pump can be combined with a wall mounted or floorstanding oil condensing boiler.

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