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Viessmann introduces next-generation gas condensing boiler

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07th May 2019

New top-of-the-range Vitodens 200-W series is easy to install, operate and maintain

Telford, UK  - Viessmann has launched the next-generation of its flagship domestic gas condensing boiler, the Vitodens 200-W, making wall-hung boilers easier to install, operate and maintain than ever before.

The new Vitodens 200-W highlights:

  • Offers outputs of 1.9 - 32 kW (200-W and 222-F models and 1.9 - 19 kW (242-F)
  • Reduces NOx emissions by up to 40% with a newly-developed MatriX Plus burner
  • Requires around 50% fewer spare parts for maintenance thanks to reduced complexity
  • Achieves exceptional energy efficiency and reliability with Lambda Pro Plus automatic combustion control
  • Features a height-adjustable colour touch display, with integrated WLAN, for ease of operation
  • Is easy to install and commission with the ViStart app
  • Has already won two prestigious awards for its innovative design

Compact design with award-winning simplicity

The new Vitodens 200 series features three models, all with a modern, compact, high-quality design:

  • Vitodens 200-W – a space-saving wall-mounted unit
  • Vitodens 222-F – compact unit with integrated 100-litre stainless-steel cylinder
  • Vitodens 242-F energy centre with 170-litre solar cylinder now or combination in future with Vitosol solar collectors

The units all have thicker casings for added stability, an attractive exterior with an ultra-flat front panel, and are smartly finished in a new Vitopearlwhite matt white powder coating. The wall-mounted Vitodens 200-W has received an iF Design Award, widely recognised as one of the most prestigious of all design accolades, and the German Design Council’s Design Plus Award.

Height-adjustable colour touchscreen display for easy operation

To ensure the seven-inch colour touchscreen display is easily accessible wherever the boiler is located, the display can be moved upward with just a few simple movements. The display, which is highly intuitive to use, provides a concise overview of consumption data and solar heat yields.

A light-guide across the width of the display illuminates as soon as the boiler is switched on and confirms at a glance whether it is operating correctly. In stand-by mode, the light slowly pulsates. If an error is detected, the light-guide flashes continuously.

Integrated WLAN for convenience and safety

The new modular electronic platform for the colour touch display features integrated WLAN as standard to facilitate ongoing networked digital communication between the heat generator, homeowner, and heating engineer. The homeowner can control the system with ease through the ViCare app, and can allow their chosen service and maintenance provider to monitor the system using the Vitoguide digital service centre. Vitoguide identifies maintenance requirements or potential faults at an early stage and enables parameter adjustments to be made online.

Heating with environmental responsibility

Viessmann’s newly-developed MatriX Plus burner, which transfers heat via a stainless-steel radial heat exchanger, maximises reliability and efficiency. With a modulation range of 1:17 and optimal flame stability, the burner precisely adjusts heat output according to current requirements, minimising number of burner start-ups and cycles. This ensures maximum efficiency (standard utilisation rate up to 98% (Hs)), particularly low fuel consumption, and reduction of NOx emissions of up to 40% compared with previous models.

Combustion control copes with fluctuating gas quality

The Lambda Pro Plus automatic combustion control ensures reliable and clean operation even when gas quality fluctuates by detecting and adjusting to the gas type. This eliminates the need for adjustment during installation, as is typical with other boilers.

Easy installation and commissioning

The Vitodens’ sophisticated commissioning assistant, accessed via the height-adjustable touchscreen display, guides installers through the commissioning process in just a few, easy steps.

Alternatively, commissioning can be done on a smartphone or tablet, using the ViStart app. The app automatically establishes a direct connection with the boiler as soon as its integrated WiFi access point has been activated. No Internet interface is required because the app communicates directly with the boiler control via its integrated WLAN interface. This also eliminates the need for installers to access their customer’s home internet, which is an added convenience.

Easy to maintain, with around 50% fewer spare parts

In new-generation Vitodens boilers maintenance has been made as easy as possible. Thanks to the boilers’ modular construction and the range of available accessories, these new units require 50% fewer spare parts than their predecessors. The new MatriX Plus burner, for example, requires only one burner assembly, one ignition electrode and one burner seal for all output levels (1.9 kW to 32 kW). Its predecessor required parts suppliers to stock three burner assemblies and three different electrodes due to dimensions differing between models.

Technical data

  • Output: 1.9 - 32 kW (Vitodens 200-W, 222-F)
  • 1.9 - 19 kW (Vitodens 242-F)
  • Standard utilisation rate: 98% (Hs)
  • Modulation range: 1:17 (Vitodens 200-W, 222-F)
  • 1:10 (Vitodens 242-F)
  • Energy efficiency: Category A
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