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Viessmann launches new commercial air source heat pump

Vitocal 200 A pro HP

The new Vitocal 200-A Pro provides efficient heating and cooling up to 1 MW  

7th February 2024 -Telford, UK – Viessmann Climate Solutions UK has launched a new air source heat pump designed for residential developments, small- to mid-scale commercial and public sector applications.  

The compact and robust Vitocal 200-A Pro is available in 32, 64 and 128 kW outputs and can be cascaded up to 1024 kW for a wide range of applications. All models provide both heating and active cooling within a single appliance and can be operated in bi- or monovalent modes.  

Boasting highly efficient scroll compressors  and enhanced vapour injection (EVI) technology, the Vitocal 200-A Pro offers an impressively high flow temperature of 65°C at -7°C. This makes it ideal for modernisation projects where integration with existing systems is required.  

The units have a SCOP (Seasonal Coefficient of Performance) of 4.4, and use the refrigerant R407C, which is non-flammable. This means units can be placed anywhere, including under windows or next to drains. Vibration decoupling also ensures the Vitocal 200-A Pro is exceptionally quiet in operation; at A7/W35 (outside air temperature 7oC and DHW 35oC), the total sound power level is 69.7 - 71.6 dB(A).  

Installation is faster, thanks to factory-installed operating and safety devices, while the feature-rich weather-compensated remote monitoring and control system, combined with a single refrigeration circuit across all models, mean operation and maintenance are greatly simplified, too.

The launch of the Vitocal 200-A Pro means installers can now offer their commercial clients a fully integrated package of high-quality HVAC, power-generating and system-management products from Viessmann that are designed to work together seamlessly. Free training courses are available through the Viessmann Academy.


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