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Viessmann welcomes UK Hydrogen Strategy

18th August 2021

Statement from Viessmann in response to the publishing of the UK Hydrogen Strategy on August 18th, from Graham Russell, Viessmann UK managing director.

As the UK looks to meet its 2050 Net Zero emissions target, we will need to change the way we heat our homes. A range of solutions will be required that fit the varying characteristics of buildings and the needs of consumers. A vital component in this transition to low carbon heat is hydrogen.

Viessmann welcomes the UK Hydrogen Strategy published yesterday by the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). This important document sets a clear direction of travel for the industry and enables companies such as Viessmann to continue investing in hydrogen solutions.

Hydrogen boilers are a great option for consumers as they offer a like-for-like replacement with minimal disruption. Hydrogen also has wider benefits across the energy system, for example, when excess electricity is used to generate hydrogen by electrolysis, this encourages the further deployment of wind or solar power, contributing to a more resilient, low cost energy system.

Viessmann is pleased to see the Government’s ongoing commitment to hydrogen trials and pilots which will demonstrate that hydrogen is as safe as natural gas and affordable for the consumer. We are also supportive of the Government’s announcement to consult on mandating “hydrogen ready” boilers from 2026 as this is a no-regrets step that will lower the cost of rolling out hydrogen heating in the future.

Viessmann is one of the key pioneers in the hydrogen space with our hydrogen fuel cell that has been available since 2014. In addition, our Vitodens boiler range is certified to 20% and able to accept hydrogen blends of up to 30%, which means that consumers can begin reducing their emissions as soon as hydrogen becomes available. We are also working on our 100% hydrogen products for both domestic and commercial buildings and look forward to participating in trials and pilots over the coming years


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