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ServiceConnect Commercial

ServiceConnect Commercial

Viessmann now offers fast and seamless fault message management with the new ServiceConnect Commercial. A service especially for heating systems from 70 kW. Because in this area, rapid error detection and rectification have a particularly important role to play.

Complete service – remotely

+ Higher operational reliability
+ Convenient remote diagnosis
+ Complete fault message management

Modular services for customised solutions

Vitocal 300 G Pro

The availability of heating systems plays a particularly important role in the commercial sector. With the new Viessmann ServiceConnect Commercial, faults can be detected early on so that prompt action can be taken.

A package of services is put together entirely according to the requirements of the respective customer and system. Comprehensive monitoring enables a whole range of services: from fault message monitoring to remote diagnosis and notification of the operator and trade partner, including technical consultation and spare parts recommendations. In addition, remote programming/parametrisation can also be carried out.

For larger systems from 70 kW

The service is ideal for all commercial systems with an output of 70 kW or more. Your Viessmann expert knows exactly which heat generator offers which options.

24/7 transparency and rapid troubleshooting with ServiceConnect Commercial

1  Monitoring
24-hour fault message monitoring via Viessmann ServiceConnect Commercial

2  Remote diagnosis
Diagnosis of faults as they occur

3  Troubleshooting
If possible, rectification of the fault through Viessmann ServiceConnect Commercial

4  Customer notification
If the problem cannot be rectified: notification of defined contact person from Monday to Sunday between 7 am to 5 pm within 4 hours

5  Trade partner notification
If a technician is needed: contacting the required trade partner

6  Consultation with trade partner
Consultation with trade partner, including spare parts recommendation

With ServiceConnect Commercial, your system is always in good hands with Viessmann experts

Overview of a cascade system in the industrial sector
Stratification and charging cycle of a buffer cylinder
Individual trend curves for each system
Detailed overview of a heat generator in a cascade network with specific information on the operating status

Secure connection via internet

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Web connection to Viessmann ServiceConnect Commercial requires only a few things. The heat generator must have a LON-capable control system or a PLC control system. Your Viessmann consultant will support you with the connection.

ServiceConnect Commercial – rely on the experts from Viessmann

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Extensive monitoring and precise analysis of the data allow careful conclusions to be drawn about the condition of the respective system. This allows the specialists to diagnose faults and respond quickly in the event of a fault message. In many cases, this allows troubleshooting to be carried out without any risk of system failure. Can also be carried out online: parametrisation, reprogramming, operation and optimisation of the system.

A Viessmann expert at your side

If you need support, a Viessmann expert is with you fast. Parallel access to system data allows effective mutual exchange and rapid troubleshooting.

Your benefit with Viessmann ServiceConnect Commercial

  • Energy saving thanks to higher efficiency
  • Improved operational reliability
  • Visualisation of system data from any location via the internet
  • Diagnosis and troubleshooting possible without a visit from a technician
  • Remote programming/parametrisation
  • To optimise systems

Enhanced service for improved safety

With the new ServiceConnect Commercial, Viessmann is continuing to expand its service range for commercial customers and local authorities. As a partner, this provides you with the opportunity to offer your business customers an even more comprehensive, faster and more economical service. With the certainty of always being able to provide service of the highest quality. Gain this competitive edge. You can contact us by email at leitwarte-td@viessmann.com

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