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Viessmann water heaters for industry and commerce

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Viessmann's range of water heaters and DHW cylinders for commercial and industrial applications meets many different requirements for the provision of hot water. The focus is on modern-day operation and usage in an industrial setting, specifically: numerous draw-off points operating simultaneously, the wide-ranging applications for hot water, drinking water and heating, and the need for as continuous a supply as possible. 

From typical hotel operations or large apartment complexes, where plenty of hot water needs to be available for showers at peak times in the morning, to a wide range of other scenarios: the Viessmann products shown here are able to supply water in applications where demand far exceeds that of a private household.

Vitocell: DHW cylinders from Viessmann

The DHW cylinders designed for industry and commerce with a capacity of 160 to 900 litres of water are available in two designs:

  • Models which are installed next to the heat generator. This includes: Vitocell 100-L, 100-V, 300-V. 

Mono mode or dual mode operation

An important feature of Viessmann DHW cylinders for commercial and industrial applications, in addition to their size, cylinder capacity and setup type, is the operating mode. A distinction is made here between mono mode and dual mode:

  • Mono mode = with one indirect coil
  • Dual mode = with two indirect coils

Dual mode operation offers the added benefit of being able to integrate a solar thermal system for DHW heating. This is a particularly economical and eco-friendly option whereby one of the two coils is heated entirely by the solar collectors, while the other is only switched on when needed. For special requirements in the commercial and industrial sector, Viessmann also offers further options for optimising DHW heating.

Special feature: the Vitotrans 222 heat exchanger set

The Vitotrans heat exchanger enables peak load times to be balanced out. In the hotel and restaurant sector, these are times when an especially large amount of water is drawn off. Using our clever, tried and tested cylinder loading system allows more hot water to be drawn off than the system would be capable of heating up during this time. In terms of water volume and temperature, therefore, all demands are satisfied. The Viessmann Vitocell 100-L floorstanding DHW cylinder is the ideal model for use with the Vitotrans. When paired with the additional heat exchanger, it is particularly suitable for heating systems using condensing technology.


Heating water buffer cylinders from Viessmann

Vitocell 340-M

If demand for DHW is high, or very variable at different times of the day or night, then it is important to ensure a sufficient store of hot water. Buffer cylinders are a form of indirect DHW cylinder. They allow the thermal energy already available during operation to be used for hot water and stored for later use. The advantage: the heating system in which the buffer cylinder is integrated has to do less work. The heat generator can remain off, even when DHW is required. The result is reduced energy consumption.

Benefits of using buffer cylinders for hot water

Using Viessmann heating water buffer cylinders in industrial and commercial settings offers many benefits. These include their large cylinder capacities, numerous options for combination with renewable systems and special features such as the Vitotrans 353 freshwater module or the stratification function. The following provides you with an overview of the key benefits.

  • Optimum use of thermal energy for heating water storage and DHW heating
  • Low heat losses due to high grade, all-round thermal insulation
  • Cylinder capacities of up to 2000 litres available
  • Can be used in conjunction with heat pumps
  • Low space requirement and straightforward installation
  • Stainless steel DHW cylinders: 10 year guarantee against leaks due to corrosion 

Specific benefits of multi mode buffer cylinders for commerce and industry:

  • Combination of heating water buffer cylinder and DHW cylinder
  • For heating systems with several heat generators. Particularly suitable in connection with Viessmann solar thermal systems for DHW heating and central heating backup.
  • Low space requirement and straightforward installation – combined DHW cylinder and buffer cylinder in a single appliance
  • Corrugated DHW pipe made from high-alloy stainless steel, integrated inside the cylinder to be flexible and stress-free
  • Optimum utilisation of solar energy through deliberate cooling in the lower section via the large indirect coil surface of the corrugated DHW pipe
  • Connection set with Solar-Divicon for mounting on the Vitocell, available as an accessory.
  • Energy efficiency class for type SVKA, 400 litres: B
  • Model 360-M (available in cylinder capacities starting at 750 litres): Stratification system for layering of solar energy at different temperatures; as a result solar-heated DHW is quickly available.

Quality concepts: Ceraprotect enamel coating and stainless steel

Internal indirect coil of a Vitocell 300-V

Viessmann DHW cylinders and heating water buffer cylinders do not require a coating and, thanks to their chemical properties, guarantee years of protection against corrosion. They are made of enamelled steel or stainless steel in accordance with EN 12897. This is because hygiene standards are particularly important when storing domestic hot water. Also worth a special mention in this regard are the DHW cylinders with Ceraprotect enamel coating. Likewise impressive is the stainless steel used for the Vitocell 300-H and Vitocell 300-V which enables them to meet the highest expectations.

How to quickly find the right DHW cylinder for your business

(Photo: © Kinga / Shutterstock.com)

The best way to find a Viessmann DHW solution that meets your needs is to seek advice from our partners. They have years of experience with projects for professional applications and know our products.

Further information on the solutions presented here can also be found quickly and easily in our product catalogue. For accurate results, you can filter the range according to application area and other features. 

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