What is a biomass boiler?

Also called wood-fuelled heating systems, biomass boilers are designed to burn logs, pellets and wood chips through a process of direct combustion. They provide power to central heating systems and hot water boilers, and can be an ideal solution for homes - as well as buildings with more significant heating demands.

Because they rely on a renewable fuel source, commercial and domestic biomass boilers are considered to be eco-friendly. The wood used to power biomass heating systems is sourced from quick growing trees. When it is burned to produce energy, this wood releases the same amount of carbon dioxide as the trees took in while they were growing. This is why biomass central heating solutions are considered to be carbon-neutral.

As well as helping you to cut your carbon footprint, there are a range of other benefits associated with biomass heating. For example, the logs, pellets or wood chips required to power these systems are often cheaper than other heating fuels. Also, because of their environmental credentials, biomass heating solutions are eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), meaning you could receive quarterly payments from the government based on the units of clean, renewable heat that your boiler produces.

By choosing Viessmann for your commercial or residential biomass boiler, you can rest assured you’re benefiting from highly efficient, reliable and long-lasting technology.

Biomass boiler types

Wood heating systems

Biomass boiler systems powered by wood are now an economical and environmentally friendly alternative or addition to conventional fossil fuel-based heating solutions.

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The Vitoflex Family 

Our Vitoflex family of advanced wood heating systems use state of the art technology to achieve maximum efficiency. They are also low-emission, achieving similar ratings to those of leading heating solutions powered by fossil fuels.

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Design & Technology

Our fully automatic wood and pellet boilers offer a versatile and flexible solution to suit the needs of almost any application. They are designed to be compact, which is ideal in rooms with limited height. Viessmann wood boilers are suitable both as a sole generator of heat and as a supplement to existing gas or oil boilers.

Heating with wood – the most natural fuel in the world

With fossil fuels increasing in price and concerns over global warming growing, the demand for renewable energy forms is rising all the time. Wood boilers make a more eco-friendly alternative to traditional heating systems that rely on the burning of fossil fuels. 

The fast-growing trees used to power them are replanted to ensure a renewable source of energy, and heating with this wood is CO2 neutral. This means that by turning to this technology, you can make a contribution towards the sustainable protection of our climate.

Also, as an indigenous fuel, wood is cost efficient and it isn’t subject to the major price fluctuations that can affect oil and gas. The savings this brings mean that your new biomass boiler could start paying for itself as soon as you put it to work.

Logs or pellets: The Viessmann range has everything covered

You can choose from pellet only boilers and appliances designed to use both wood and pellets, giving you flexibility when it comes to fuel. Whichever Viessmann boiler you choose, you’ll experience a range of benefits. These include:

  • Independence from gas and oil
  • Appliance reliability
  • A long service life
  • Convenient central heating and domestic hot water
  • Cost savings
  • The ability to combine a pellet heating system with solar technology

Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (Domestic RHI) Eligible

Because our biomass boilers rely on a sustainable fuel source, they are eligible for the Domestic RHI operated by the government. Under this scheme, you will receive payments each quarter for seven years in return for the renewable heat that your appliance produces.

Futureproof through low emission levels

Viessmann wood boilers have been designed to continue to comply with strict environmental regulations well into the future. Their long burnout times ensures complete combustion and very low emissions.

Also, our systems are economical and can adapt their output to precisely meet your heating demands, giving you a practical solution that can adjust to your changing energy requirements.

Fully automatic ash removal 

Selected biomass pellet boilers come with an automatic ignition with reduced power consumption, and they benefit from fully automatic ash removal from the sliding frame and heat exchanger. This makes them extremely convenient to operate.

Intelligent control and comprehensive equipment range

The integrated Ecotronic control unit can combine renewable technologies by directly connecting to a solar thermal system, a water heater and a direct heating circuit. In addition, the Vitotrol 350-C can be used as a cascade controller for up to four wood boilers, which could be ideal if you have significant energy demands.

We also provide equipment including systems for the storage and supply of wood chips and pellets, as well as an intelligent buffer management system to ensure the efficient stratification of your hot water.

Our most popular Biomass boilers

Vitoflex 300-UF
A powerful wood boiler with grate combustion

Featuring state of the art grate combustion, this low-emission wood boiler can deliver from 390 to 1250 kW. It is designed for wood fuels that have a maximum moisture content of 50 per cent.

Discover the Vitoflex 300-UF
  • Powered by
  • Up to
    1250 kW
  • Three pass heat
  • Proven combustion
Discover the Vitoflex 300-UF

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