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Clean and efficient heat from wood

Why heat with wood?

The rising cost of fossil fuels and growing environmental awareness are creating an ever increasing demand for renewable forms of energy. Today, heating with wood is an environmentally friendly and economical alternative or addition to conventional heating systems for fossil fuels.

Wood that is harvested in sustainable forestry is a renewable and environmentally responsible source of energy and an important part of sustainable resource management. When wood is burned, only as much CO2 is released as the trees actually absorbed during the course of their life. That's why heating with wood is CO2 neutral.

As an indigenous fuel, wood is very cost efficient and not subject to extreme fluctuations, offering greater independence from the grid.

Vitoflex product line-up

Vitoflex 300-UF
Vitoflex 300-UF
A wood boiler with grate combustion

A wood boiler with state of the art grate combustion, from 390 to 1250 kW. For wood fuels with a maximum moisture content of 50 percent. The advanced cobustion technology achieves low emission values (particularly for CO a...

  • Powered by
  • Up to
    1250 kW
  • Three pass heat
  • Proven combustion
Discover the Vitoflex 300-UF
Vitoflex 300-RF
Vitoflex 300-RF
A mobile heating centre in a container

Available as containerised complete solutions for situations where there are no boiler houses available or where on-site building costs have to be reduced to a minimum. These ready-to-use solutions include a pre-assembled ...

  • Powered by
  • Up to
    540 kW
  • Automatic
  • Moisture Content
    < 35%
Discover the Vitoflex 300-RF

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Top technology and reliability

Advanced biomass systems are fully automated and equipped with control and safety devices for reliable, efficient and safe operation. The proven combustion technology of the Vitoflex family achieves similar emission values to those of a modern gas combustion system and keeps the release of CO, NOx and dust particles to a minimum, subject to fuel type. The combination of combustion technology and digital modulating output control enables efficiency levels of up to 92 percent.

Solutions for every fuel type

The Vitoflex family is suitable for a wide range of wood fuel types including:


Pellets are the most compact form of wood energy and have a high calorific value. Ensure that the pellets conform to standard branded quality (such as EN Plus or EN ISO 17225-2).

Wood shavings

Untreated wood shavings are wood processing by-products from facilities such as sawmills and joinery workshops.


Woodchips are small pieces (e.g. chips) of natural wood, with or without bark. The relevant fuel standard is EN ISO 17225-4

Mixed wood

Untreated mix of woodchips and sawdust are classified as mixed wood.


Bark is the term used to designate shredded bark residue.

Wood dust

Wood dust is the residual dust generated during wood processing.

Clean combustion

The Vitoflex family of advanced wood heating systems achieves emission ratings similar to those of leading heating systems using fossil fuels. What's more, heating with wood is CO2 neutral. Viessmann wood heating systems meet the strict regulations set out in European clean air legislation.

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