Vitocrossal 300

Condensing boiler for large commercial buildings

The solution for larger buildings and modernisation projects, the Vitocrossal 300 is a range of gas condensing boilers with a rated heating outputs of 787 to 1400 kW. For the reliable supply of heat in commercial operations.

  • Large
  • Large
  • Powered by
    Gas and LPG
  • Up to
  • Text & graphic
  • Exceptional
  • Low operational
  • Made in
  • Gas condensing boilers, 787 to 1400 kW
  • NOx <30mg/kWh* (2 Credit Points) in line with ‘BREEAM UK New Construction 2018 - "Technical Manual" assessment criteria  
  • Easy-to-use control unit, even for multi boiler systems
  • Inox Crossal heat exchanger for highly effective heat transfer and condensation rate. 
  • Smooth stainless steel surfaces create self-cleaning effect
  • All hydraulic connections can be made from top with two return connections
  • Easy-to-use Vitotronic control unit with plain text and graphic display
  • Either open flue or room sealed operation

Key Benefits

Gas condensing boiler Vitocrossal 300 Type CR3B

The Vitocrossal 300  gas condensing boiler with an output of 787 to 1400kW sets benchmarks in maintenance and service. 

Integral cascade function for up to four units

The Vitocrossal 300 is the ideal boiler for apartment buildings and commercial enterprises. 

Convenient Vitotronic control unit

The Vitotronic control unit with a large colour touchscreen enables quick commissioning using the assistant function; operation is straightforward as well.

Functionality has been significantly improved. This includes:

  • LAN interface for internet connectivity
  • Service interface (WLAN) for Vitosoft 300 for commissioning and service
  • Assistant function to aid commissioning
  • Remote reset via programming unit in boiler control unit
  • Energy cockpit shows energy consumption rates and histograms
  • Two return connectors for hydraulic connection optimised for condensing technology (optional)
  • New design concept for ease of maintenance and service
  • Vitogate 300 as an interface for integration into building management systems

For single or multi boiler systems

The Vitocrossal 300 is a gas condensing boiler for universal use. 

As a single boiler or in multi boiler systems, it is just as suitable for residential complexes and industrial plants as it is for local heating networks and larger public and commercial buildings.

It features the Inox-Crossal heat exchanger.

High efficiency and low NOx levels 

The highly effective heat transfer and high condensation rate enable standard seasonal efficiency [to DIN] up to 98% (Hs) [gross cv] / 109% (Hi) [net cv] to be achieved.

NOx <30mg/kWh* (2 Credit Points) in line with ‘BREEAM UK New Construction 2018 – Technical Manual’ assessment criteria.

* Using Weishaupt burner.

Condensing technology at the best price / performance ratio

With the Vitocrossal 300, Viessmann offers high grade condensing technology from 787 to 1400 kW at the best price/performance ratio.

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Product Data

Technical Guide

Vitocrossal Technical Guide Full Range (80kW to 1400kW)

Data Sheet

Vitocrossal 300 Data Sheet

Installation Instructions

Vitocrossal 300 Installation Instructions

Service Instructions

Vitocrossal 300 Service Instructions

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