Commissioning in just four simple steps

Putting a new heating system into operation simply, quickly and safely – ViStart app makes it easy. The tool for your smartphone makes commissioning easier for you, considerably reduces the time it takes to hand it over to the system operator and can be used practically without prior experience.

The app guides you through the commissioning procedure in four steps:

  • Select the boiler to be commissioned from the list, the app automatically establishes a direct connection to the unit. With the integrated WiFi access point, no internet connection is required.
  • After entering the network name and a password, the user-friendly dashboard appears. For verification purposes, the ViStart app serial number of the boiler is displayed and confirmed with “Continue”.
  • All parameters are then consecutively queried and set, e.g. system pressure, heating curves, naming of heating circuits and time programs.
  • The device is running. Finally, an acceptance report with all settings can be generated. This can be sent for your own records or to the customer.

Step 1 

The app shows all relevant appliances for Commissioning.

Step 2

With the selection of the desired heat generator a connection is established automatically.

Step 3

For verification purposes, the serial number is displayed and confirmed with “Continue“.

Step 4 

At the end of commissioning an acceptance report can be produced including all the settings.

Downloading and using the app

The ViStart app can currently be used to commission all new generation Vitodens gas condensing boilers. It will be progressively expanded to include other heat generators that will be launched on the market with the new electronic platform. You can download the ViStart app free of charge from the Apple app store and the Google Play store and install it on your smartphone.

System requirements

  • Smartphone with Apple iOS 11 or higher, Android with version 5.0 or higher
  • Please note that this app currently only works with the following heating systems with integrated WiFi: Vitodens 200-W, 222-F and Vitovalor PT2
  • More models will be supported in the future - so stay tuned!

Benefits for Installers

  • Fully guided commissioning process
  • No internet connection or Optolink  interface required
  • For Smartphone and tablet (iOS and Android)
  • System pressure, heating curves, heating circuit naming, adjustable time programs
  • Download, share and document all settings in the final inspection report