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Smart Home & Smart Heating Technology

Turn your home into a smart home. Read on to find out more about what exactly this means, the advantages it brings and how Viessmann smart central heating systems and control technology can help you to upgrade your home, enhance your comfort levels and lower your energy use, helping you to save money and protect the environment.

Smart Home - the intelligent home

With the rise of digitisation, one concept is being mentioned again and again: the smart home. There is no universal definition of what this means, but in general the term is used to describe a property with a communication network that allows objects within it to communicate with each other and to be controlled using internet-enabled devices like smartphones, tablets and language assistants.

In a smart home, a range of different appliances, from smart boilers to lighting, can be remotely controlled, accessed and monitored. When it comes to heating, smart boiler controls allow you to manage every minute of your home’s heating schedule from your smartphone or tablet with total ease. If you are at home, you don't even have to leave the comfort of your chair to enjoy full control over your heating, and some technology makes it just as easy to control everything when you are not at home too.

How a Smart Home works

Put simply, a smart home works on the principle of input, processing and output. The best way to explain how this operates in practice is to use the Viessmann ViCare app as an example.

Input:  The app is opened using a smartphone or a tablet. The user interface loads and displays numerous functions, including the setting of the desired temperature. The app user issues a command by tapping on the relevant control panel.

Processing:  Every smart home has a smart home control centre - in the case of the ViCare App, it is also called an internet interface.  

Output:    In this example, this is the heating system that transports as much heating water to the radiators as necessary to reach the desired temperature.

Advantages of a Smart Home

In addition to the ViCare app example given above, there are many other practical applications for smart home devices, such as lamps, music systems and entrance doors.   Homeowners can choose smart technology for many different reasons, but among the most important are energy savings, increased comfort and improved safety

Increased comfort thanks to remote control

In addition to cost savings, a smart home with features like a smart boiler also increases ease of use. After all, many manual operations are no longer required. For example, homeowners no longer have to turn the thermostat to reach the desired temperature. If you want the rooms to stay warm longer than planned, a single command on the smartphone is all it takes.

For those who travel a lot and would like to return to the comfort of a warm home, remote control via smartphone is the ideal solution, allowing you to control your system from anywhere at any time.

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