ViCare - Intuitive control for your boiler and home

With ViCare you make your heating smart. Enjoy perfect warmth, maximum transparency and a feeling of security.

Would you like to switch to a heating system that can be controlled via ViCare?

The ViCare app provides the best way to connect you with your Viessmann heating system

You will be able to see at a glance whether everything is working as it should be whilst operating the heating system. In the event that they are not, you will be notified automatically. 

With the ability to enter your engineer's details into the app directly, you can avoid stress and save time by ensuring that your engineer has all the information about your system to hand and can quickly provide support.

Perfect comfort - simply delivered.

  • Easy, intuitive operation of the heating system
  • Set your chosen temperature with just one click
  • Store your daily routine and automatically reduce your energy bills

Downloading and using the app

The ViCare app is available for both iOS devices and Android devices. It can be used in conjunction with a web-enabled Viessmann heating system with WiFi inside, or in conjunction with the Vitoconnect 100 WiFi module, which can be obtained from your heating engineer.

ViCare Thermostat

Allows you to easily control your heating and hot water system via the ViCare app.

A comprehensive carefree package

  • Simply save engineer details to the app
  • Quick and effective support as the engineer will have all of the important information they need
  • A comprehensive carefree package in terms of peace of mind and maintenance

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