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Viessmann is now offering its trade partners an innovative solution for monitoring heating systems with Vitoguide software. The system user benefits from greater reassurance, whilst the trade partner keeps a constant watch over the heating systems for which they are responsible online.

Important changes for Vitoguide: Further information can be found below in the "Mobile" section below.


On April 1st 2021, the ViStart mobile app became Vitoguide.  The Vitoguide mobile app is available on both iOS and Android devices. As a partner, it will continue to offer you the option of putting a new electronic platform heating system into operation.

The Commissioning Process

Putting a new heating system into operation simply, quickly and safely – Vitoguide app makes it easy. The tool for your smartphone makes commissioning easier for you, considerably reduces the time it takes to hand it over to the system operator and can be used practically without prior experience.

The app guides you through the commissioning procedure in four steps:

  • Select the boiler to be commissioned from the list, the app automatically establishes a direct connection to the unit. With the integrated WiFi access point, no internet connection is required.
  • After entering the network name and a password, the user-friendly dashboard appears. For verification purposes, the Vitoguide app serial number of the boiler is displayed and confirmed with “Continue”.
  • All parameters are then consecutively queried and set, e.g. system pressure, heating curves, naming of heating circuits and time programs.
  • The device is running. Finally, an acceptance report with all settings can be generated. This can be sent for your own records or to the customer.

Make Vitoguide work for you and your customers

  • Your customer can register using the ViCare app
  • They can register you as their  engineer on the ViCare app and activate the remote service
  • You accept the remote service request in the Vitoguide software
  • Your benefits: remote maintenance, automated messages, show fault displays and much more
  • Your customer enjoys your personal service and the ViCare app features

Log in and give it a try

Log in and try it for yourself. Get to grips with Vitoguide by directly starting your own system or that of a member of your staff. Still not signed up? Contact your Viessmann sales advisor.  

ViCare app

ViCare is the key to unlocking your Vitoguide experience. ViCare makes operating the heating system very straightforward and intuitive for your customers. For example, they are able to preset the temperature they find most comfortable. And a very important feature for your customers: They can immediately connect to their trade partner.

Not sure which product you need? Use our simple tool.

Vitoconnect 100 WiFi module

The Vitoconnect 100 WiFi module is the interface between boiler and app and is hardwired to the Vitotronic control unit. A wall mounted adaptor measuring only 10 x 10 centimetres is provided, with a plug-in power supply unit included in the standard delivery.

The Vitoconnect 100 hooks up to the local WiFi network via plug & play. To register, all you need to do is use your smartphone to scan the QR code attached. The Vitoconnect 100 is compatible with mobile terminal devices with iOS (V8.0 or higher) and Android (V 4.4 or higher) operating systems.

Once the ViCare app is up and running, you can set up Vitoconnect and also get linked up to your local contractor in Vitoguide.

The Vitoconnect 100 incorporates a comprehensive approach to security, which has successfully passed a VDE Smart Home information security test.