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Commercial boiler offers maximum output in a compact, easy to install package

17. October 2018

Viessmann strengthens its commercial boiler offer with the development of an innovative, fully patented, space-saving MatriX disc burner; boiler on display at EMEX 2018

Viessmann has introduced the new Vitocrossal 200, an 800-1000 kW gas condensing boiler with an innovative MatriX pre-mix disc burner which sets new standards for commercial boilers. The boiler will be launched at the Viessmann stand (D75) at EMEX 2018 on 21-22nd November 2018 at ExCeL in London.

The Vitocrossal 200’s numerous improvements over its predecessor include an extended modulation range of 1:6 for greater efficiency at partial load and low NOx emissions of less than 40 mg per kWh, a modular design for easier installation, and significantly smaller dimensions which make it perfectly-suited to smaller plant rooms. For heating larger premises, there is a cascade function for up to eight boilers with a total output of 8,000 kW.

The Vitocrossal 200’s footprint is 27% more compact than that of a boiler with a conventional burner. This is because the new disc-shaped MatriX premix gas burner is much flatter than a conventional cylindrical burner, and because advances in burner materials have allowed a shorter flame and smaller combustion chamber. Viessmann has been able to shorten the unit by one metre. The boiler is just 3187 mm or 3389 mm (800 and 1000 kW models), 1060 mm wide and 1676 mm high.

Whereas traditional burners are made of stainless steel, the Vitocrossal 200’s disc burner is constructed of ceramic fibre bound together by a silicone carbide coating to a thickness of approximately 3 mm and welded together at points of contact. The perforated structure enables very low pressure-drop across the burner material, allowing the combustion blower to be compact. In addition, this 95 percent-porous material produces stable combustion and achieves a high output at a low flame temperature, making it possible to employ a smaller burner. The boiler can be operated either room temperature-dependent or room pressure-dependent.

For high operational reliability and long service life, the Vitocrossal 200 employs Viessmann’s proven, corrosion-resistant stainless steel Inox-Crossal heat exchanger. This enables highly effective heat transfer and a high condensation rate. Efficiency is further enhanced by the boiler having two return connections, so that there can be low- and high-temperature circuits with a lower temperature return for better condensation.

In addition to being space-efficient and energy-efficient, the new Vitocrossal 200 is also convenient to install and service. The heat exchanger and burner modules are separable for easier carriage and separate delivery; the front cover is hinged on a gas-pressure spring for easy opening; and the side panels can be quickly removed for unobstructed access to the MatriX disc burner, which can be swung out to the side. For commissioning there is an assistance function on the boiler’s integrated large colour touch-display for the Vitotronic control unit.

This boiler can be connected directly to Viessmann’s Vitodata server using proven Vitocom (LAN) interfaces and has integrated WLAN for service interface. This means the operating status of the heating centre is monitored around-the-clock and if a fault occurs the boiler will send a message to the engineer’s smartphone.

Viessmann’s Commercial Sales Director, Jonathan Grist said: The new Vitocrossal 200 represents a significant step forward in commercial boilers because of its compactness. Large industrial plant-rooms are going out of favour, being replaced by multiple boiler rooms, and the Vitocrossal 200 is perfect for those smaller spaces. This boiler is also desirable for its low NOx emissions, lower minimum output with higher efficiency, and easier handling and serviceability. We are expecting high levels of interest from consultants and specifiers who work with large contractors on projects such as hospitals and district heating systems.”

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