Our energy efficient heating systems

With ever increasing fuel bills and a need for households to become more and more eco-friendly, it is important that we all look for ways of saving fuel, saving carbon emissions, and also saving money! With our range of our energy efficient heating systems, you will be able to do exactly this.

All gas boilers now have to be condensing boilers and this represents a huge step forward in environmentally friendly heating, with efficient gas boilers offering fuel savings of up to 35% compared to conventional boilers.

However, utilising cutting-edge technology, we have developed our entire domestic boiler range to be even more energy efficient. The Viessmann domestic boiler range includes some of the most efficient boilers available to purchase. To develop these energy efficient heating systems, we utilise a range of technologies. Information about these technologies can be found below.


Weather Compensation 

Enabling fuel savings of up to 15%, Weather Compensation utilises a simple outdoor sensor and some clever controls to adjust the temperature inside your house depending on the temperature outside.

Weather Compensation controls work by ensuring that the boiler burns the exact amount of fuel required to match the heat lost from the building. The house will always be at the desired temperature and will never be too hot or too cold.

Weather Compensation significantly improves efficiency and is ideal for the UK climate. For two thirds of the year, the boiler will provide only a fraction of its maximum heat load, which means the boiler temperature is reduced for the majority of the year, while still maintaining a constant room temperature of 20ºC. Only around 15% of the homes total heat energy usage is consumed during winter temperatures between -3 to -10ºC.

Available with our Vitodens range of condensing boilers, Weather Compensation not only allows you to save up to 15% more fuel each month, it also ensures you will enjoy an incredibly comfortable home with a pleasant indoor temperature - whatever the weather.  


Vitoflow Hydraulic Balancing

Hydraulic balancing is necessary to ensure that all radiators in the system are supplied with the exact amount of heat. This requires the flow rates in the heating circuit piping, the output of the circulating pump and the heating curve of the heat generator to be adjusted very precisely. In doing so, this ensures that no room is under or oversupplied with heat and that energy is used in the most efficient way.

With most heating systems, hydraulic balance is not often undertaken. This is because it is a complex procedure and requires a lot of time and expert knowledge. At Viessmann, we have solved this with our Vitoflow automatic hydraulic balancing system. Vitoflow simplifies and accelerates the execution of hydraulic balancing and is one of the most precise and reliable methods on the market.

With the Vitoflow automatic hydraulic balancing system, the energy efficiency of a heating system can be increased by up to 15%. This makes it one of the most efficient methods of reducing heating costs and CO2 in the long term.

Find out more about Vitoflow hydraulic balancing.

Eco-friendly and efficient boilers

All Viessmann boilers come equipped for the future. All of our heating systems have been designed to be combined with Viessmann solar technology, air and ground source heat pumps, and our biomass energy solutions. Viessmann system technology guarantees that everything will fit together beautifully and work in harmony, allowing you to utilise renewable energy sources within your gas or oil boiler setup.

Advantages of renewable energy

Whether you solely rely on renewable energy or utilise this as a backup to support a gas or oil boiler system, there are many benefits to utilising renewable energy within your heating and domestic hot water setup. Here are a few of them:

  • Lower fuel bills
  • Minimal impact on the environment
  • By using biomass, you will be using a carbon neutral form of energy. This means there is no gain or loss of carbon dioxide, as the carbon dioxide released during the burning process is equivalent to the level of carbon dioxide absorbed by the plant whilst growing
  • Many renewable technologies offered by Viessmann are eligible for the UK Government’s Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), meaning you could get money towards renewable heating costs in your home
  • If using solar technology or an air or ground source heat pump, there will be no need for fuel deliveries
  • Low maintenance costs


Venting the heating system

If your heating system starts "gurgling", it means the heat is not evenly distributed in the radiator and the water is no longer circulating properly. In order to solve this, the radiator will need to be bled.


Airtight joints on windows and doors

To ensure that your home is not counteracting the efficiency of your boiler system, you should ensure that all seals on your doors and windows are airtight, and that no heat is able to escape. Be sure to check all seals before you start using the heating within your home and replace them if required.


Insulating heating pipes even in heated rooms

Insulating your heating pipes reduces heat loss and can raise water temperatures 2°F–4°F hotter than uninsulated pipes can deliver, allowing you to lower your water temperature setting. By insulating your heating pipes you can save money without too much effort and at minimal cost.


Use thermostatic valves for radiators

Be sure to check the function of thermostats regularly. The heating output of radiators will be reduced if the thermostat is sluggish or stuck.


More economical heating = lower heating bills

With our energy efficient heating systems, if you lower your room temperature by 1 °C, it can reduce your heating bills by around 6%.

Ideally, you should lower the temperature at night to about 5 °C. The heating should be turned down as early as two hours before you go to bed.

You should only reduce the temperature on the radiators at night, not switch them off completely, to prevent the room cooling down completely. If the room cools down completely, a higher heating water flow rate will be required to heat it up again.

Consider what could be blocking your radiators

Curtains hanging in front of radiators or furniture right in front of them will hinder the circulation of heat throughout the room. The heating system cannot achieve its full effect and must deliver more heat. That increases your heating bills.

Don’t let heat escape out of your windows

Should you need to air a room in your home, it is always better to open your windows fully for a short time (around 5 minutes), rather than leaving them slightly open for a long time. Whilst leaving your windows slightly open can bring in a little fresh air, doing this will let a lot of heat out. Of course when you are airing a room in your home, ensure you have turned your heating off.
Curtains and shutters should be closed at night. This reduces rapid heat loss and keeps cold and draughts out.

Get the temperature right

Ideally, you should ensure that the temperature is at the correct level throughout your home. We recommend the following temperatures throughout different areas of the home:

Living room / study / playroom: 20-22 °C
Kitchen / bedrooms: 18 °C

Hallway: 15 °C


Economical water use = lower heating bills

There are a number of ways in which you can use water more economically within your home, all of which will contribute towards lower heating bills. These are as follows: 

Use a water saving flush valve in your toilet cistern - by using a flush valve in your toilet cistern you will be able to save up to three times more water than using a conventional flush

  • Repair dripping taps - by repairing dripping taps you will immediately be able to eliminate unnecessary water consumption in this area
  • Use water saving shower heads and taps
  • Take showers instead of baths, where possible - a full bath uses three times as much water and energy
  • Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth - use a cup instead in order to cut down on your water usage
  • Use your washing machine efficiently - when using your washing machine, always wash a full load, skip the prewash part of the cycle unless your laundry is heavily soiled, and wash at 60 °C instead of 90 °C
  • Consider your tumble dryer usage - a tumble dryer uses twice as much energy as a washing machine for the same amount of clothes. Therefore you should dry clothes in a drying room or in the open air whenever possible.

Regular expert servicing keeps your heating system running smoothly

Regular servicing extends the service life of your heating system, its efficiency and ensures reliable, trouble-free operation. This is the only way to make sure that the energy from the fuel is used efficiently and cleanly. By doing this, you will be protecting the environment and saving on heating bills – without compromising heating and domestic hot water convenience.

The boiler, burner and control unit form a system like that of a car engine. If your car was in operation for the same amount of time as your boiler, it would cover more than 60,000 miles in a year. As all car owners know, you should have a service carried out at regular intervals. Therefore your heating system should be serviced at least once a year, much like your car.

Servicing requires expertise. That means that your heating contractor is the best person to carry out regular maintenance, because a service professional will always check all system components thoroughly for contamination and wear. That also includes checking the safety and control functions.


The benefits of regular servicing

  • Greater efficiency and extended service life of the heating system, together with greater operational reliability
  • Savings on heating bills and lower consumption of resources due to efficient use of the input energy (experts rate the potential savings at about 5 to 7%)
  • Constant high level of heating and DHW convenience
  • Heat will be generated with reduced CO2 emissions due to economical and environmentally responsible operation

Finding a Viessmann Trained Installer

Annual monitoring of your heating system is recommended, as it helps to save costs -
not only will the efficiency of the system be improved, but a breakdown of the heating system usually ends up being more expensive for the user than preventive maintenance.

For more information and expert advice, find a Viessmann Trained Installer near you.