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Control of the Viessmann heating system with apps

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Heating and app –– with Viessmann apps, you can control your heating system conveniently and safely via the internet

A heating system can be controlled in the traditional way by turning the thermostat, or conveniently via the internet. The app also enables remote maintenance by an approved heating contractor. This is made possible by intelligent Viessmann apps, an internet interface and a web-enabled device such as a smartphone or tablet.

ViCare thermostatic radiator valves for control via ViCare app and Vitodens 333-F

Viessmann apps for system owners

For system owners, ease of use is usually top priority. The factors of safety and savings potential must also be taken into account. With the ViCare and Vitotrol heating control apps, Viessmann has developed two applications to satisfy the most important needs of system operators. For owners of underfloor heating systems, the Vitofloor underfloor heating app is the optimal solution for controlling heating zones conveniently and intuitively. And Viessmann Building Energy Economy Check gives system owners and interested parties clear answers to questions on modernising heating systems.

How to connect your heating system to Viessmann apps

An interface with the internet is required so that you can conveniently and safely control your heating. Depending on the Viessmann app used, this may be the Vitoconnect or Vitocom 100. Both devices establish a connection between the boiler and the app. With its help, your boiler can not only be controlled via app. It can also undergo remote maintenance by an authorised heating contractor.

The Vitoconnect internet interface connects your heating system to the ViCare app

The Vitoconnect is used in conjunction with the  ViCare app  for heating systems in detached houses and two-family houses, while the Vitocom 100 in conjunction with the  Vitotrol app  is used in more complex systems such as commercial applications.

Vitoconnect is not required for all products with Connectivity Inside (integrated WiFi interface).

ViCare app –– control heating via app

Control the heating system via app: the ViCare app offers new possibilities for operating heating systems via the internet. The design of the ViCare app graphic interface has deliberately been kept simple. The result: completely intuitive heating system operation.

The system is designed to control one heating circuit. You can select the required room temperature by swiping, and switch between standard and party mode ("Extended heating") at a touch of the screen. When leaving the house ("Away"), it takes just one command to reduce the heating system temperature and save energy.

Anyone wanting to program different switching times for each day will appreciate the assistant function. A separate button on the start screen also shows numerous tips for saving energy.

Download the ViCare app

Available for iOS and Android.

Vitotrol app –– operation and control of heating systems with Vitotronic control unit

The Viessmann Vitotrol app enables you to operate Viessmann heating systems equipped with Vitotronic control units. Operation from anywhere and at any time is easy, intuitive and convenient. Alongside its operating functions, the Vitotrol app features general and context-sensitive help functions. The Vitotrol  app is available for mobile devices with iOS or Android operating systems.

Download the Vitotrol app

Available for iOS and Android.

ViBooks app

Would you like to download a product brochure as a PDF, or have you misplaced the operating instructions for your Viessmann heating system? With our ViBooks online database, you have the documents you need quickly at hand.

Download the ViBooks app

Available for iOS and Android.

Apps for Viessmann trade partners

For its trade partners, Viessmann offers a range of useful heating apps that make everyday work easier and allow them to satisfy customer requirements. The ViGuide app, for example, allows remote monitoring and maintenance of heating systems. While system owners benefit from higher operational reliability, trade partners always have an online overview of the heating systems they look after.

The spare part app was developed for the rapid identification and ordering of spare parts. It also allows direct access to the most important information, such as price and use of the respective individual and spare parts. Another service for trade partners is the Academy app. This provides information on the Viessmann Academy's range of services and includes various e-learning offers for when you are on the move.

The following provides information on all available applications. Access/login details are required to utilise this app's full range of functions. If you do not have these to hand or have not yet received them, you can contact your Viessmann contact person or your nearest Viessmann branch. Our advisers will be happy to help you.

ViGuide –– straightforward digital customer service

Add a priceless extra to your customer service: invisible operational reliability. With the ViGuide app from Viessmann, you will be informed immediately of important changes to your customers' appliances. In the event of a fault, you can respond quickly and rectify the problem remotely without the customer ever noticing. The app also informs you when another customer asks you to look after their appliance.

The app is clearly structured and contains important parameters such as both heating curve and temperature managers. With their help, you can make key adjustments remotely and save yourself unnecessary trips.

Download the ViGuide app

Available for iOS and Android.

Spare part app

This spare parts app offers contractors quick and easy support when servicing their customers' heating systems. In addition, the app enables service companies to keep a geo-validated record of commissioning and guarantee/maintenance visits. The following functions are also helpful:

  • Barcode scan (also offline) of relevant products and spare parts
  • Checking the availability of spare parts with card function
  • Ordering spare parts
  • Support for commissioning and maintenance visits

Download the spare part app

Available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone*

* Windows  Phone 8 version (Windows Phone)

ViBooks document search

ViBooks serves as a central document search and currently offers access to over 30,000 documents, including the following types:

  • Technical guides/datasheets
  • Pricelists/price sheets
  • Installation/service instructions
  • Vitoset documents
  • Marketing documents
  • and many more

User levels (login) control access to the different document types.

Download the ViBooks app

Available for iOS and Android.

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