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Heating systems for industry and commerce – an overview

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The Viessmann product portfolio offers a diverse range of heating systems for industry and commerce. For a good overview of what's available, it's worth taking a look at our product catalogue. There you can use filters such as application area and energy source to sort and display the results you want.  

Heat pumps for commerce and industry

Viessmann Vitocal heat pumps for commercial and industrial applications enable you to utilise free environmental energy. For commercial and industrial settings, Viessmann offers brine/water heat pumps, air source heat pumps and large heat pumps. There is also the option of using ice energy storage systems. Brine/water heat pumps use the ground as an energy source via geothermal collectors or probes, whilst air source heat pumps use the outdoor air heated by the sun or waste heat as their primary energy source. For ice energy stores, ambient air, solar radiation and the ground are used simultaneously as heat sources.

In addition to heat generation, the products in the high output range also feature an impressive cooling performance – for example, for cooling food storage rooms and providing air conditioning in production areas. The heat pumps with outputs of up to 600 kilowatts are also suitable for installation in awkward spaces and can be configured as dual mode systems. Gas and oil condensing boilers cover the peak loads.

Solar thermal systems

Viessmann solar thermal systems are an ideal addition for DHW heating and heat generation backup. With its wide range of collectors, Viessmann provides flexible and individual solutions for every application. Our Vitosol flat-plate collectors and tube collectors make use of free solar energy. Using them not only relieves pressure on the environment, but also reduces the costs incurred for purchasing and storing fuel. Investing in solar thermal systems is therefore ecological, economical and forward-looking. The collectors are ideally used where process heat generation requires a low temperature level.

The flat-plate collectors are suitable for above roof installation, roof integration and for installation on collector supports. Viessmann's patented switching absorber layer protects the high performance flat-plate collectors from overheating and stagnation. The absorbers of our vacuum tube collectors impress with their ability to capture a particularly large amount of solar energy, thus ensuring high levels of efficiency. Here the vacuum provides especially effective thermal insulation. The tube collectors are able to convert even low levels of solar radiation into usable heat.

Viessmann offers complete systems for commercial and industrial applications. The range includes efficient heating systems for all energy sources –– medium sized boilers and industrial/commercial boilers for gas, oil, biomass or environmental heat. Viessmann products are designed to ensure an economical supply of heat, steam, refrigeration and electricity. A range of outputs up to 44 megawatts is catered for. Viessmann supports every project with a comprehensive range of services, from planning and installation through to after-sales service. Furthermore, with Viessmann at your side, you can develop and implement your own integrated energy concepts for the manufacturing industry, for service providers and for industrial applications. For every project, coordinated components and systems are developed individually for the customer from a single source.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the construction of medium sized and industrial/commercial boilers, as well as the latest manufacturing technology used in our production facilities, Viessmann ensures high quality and excels as a technological pacesetter for system solutions. Viessmann heating systems are noted for their high operational reliability and long service life.

Gas boilers up to 2000 kilowatts

The Viessmann Vitodens gas condensing boilers and low temperature gas boilers for industrial and commercial applications are available in outputs of up to 2000 kilowatts. They stand out with their very economical, clean and reliable operation. They also have an impressively long service life. The high quality components of the heating systems are matched to each other and work seamlessly together straight from the factory. Particularly noteworthy is the MatriX gas burner – a milestone in Viessmann heating technology. The stainless steel MatriX gauze makes for a long service life, whilst the burner is insensitive to high temperature loads.

Through the use of advanced condensing technology, Viessmann gas condensing boilers for commercial applications are able to offer optimum energy utilisation along with economical consumption. The low temperature gas boilers feature proven Viessmann quality and a high standard seasonal efficiency [to DIN]. The versatility of the Vitoplex product range ensures that there's a solution for every demand and every budget. The Vitorond models are the optimal solution especially when awkward spaces are involved.

Oil boilers up to 2000 kilowatts

Viessmann oil condensing boilers and low temperature oil boilers are based on reliable technology that has been tried and tested over many years. Economical operation is also guaranteed. The product portfolio offers a wide range of outputs. For example, there are Viessmann oil condensing boilers with a rated heating output of up to 545 kilowatts and low temperature oil boilers with outputs of up to 2000 kilowatts. The oil condensing boilers perform particularly impressively by making use of the energy hidden in the hot gases, which would otherwise escape unused up the chimney. Being able to use this additional heat benefits the environment in the long term and reduces running costs, as less fossil fuel has to be used. Low temperature oil boilers are particularly reliable in applications where there is a high heat demand. Their sectional design also makes them suitable for confined spaces and easy to manoeuvre in general.

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