The Vitoconnect Type OPTO1

The Vitoconnect 100 is a WiFi interface to establishes the connection allowing you to remotely operate your heating system by app, as well as supporting remote maintenance via Vitoguide.

For added peace of mind, the Vitoconnect 100 also incorporates a comprehensive safety concept which has successfully passed the VDE test for smart home information security.


● WiFi module for connection to the router, for wall mounting

● Power cord with mains power supply (1 m long)

● Connection line with Optolink connection WiFi module / Boiler circuit control (3 m long)


● Via the Optolink interface with the boiler circuit control

● Via WiFi to the router


● Plug-in power supply for voltage supply (230V / 50Hz)

● Connection cable WiFi module / Optolink connection

● WiFi communication to connect to the Internet

Please note!

● Before commissioning, the system requirements for communication via the local IP networks / WiFi must be checked.

● For the operation of the Vitoconnect 100, a free Internet connection with data rate (time and volume independent tariff) is required.

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Compatible controls

Viessmann boilers with Vitotronic control units with an Optolink interface

Controls for wall or compact units

● Vitotronic 200, Type HO1, HO1A, HO1B, HO1D, HO2B

● Vitotronic 200 RF, Type HO1C, HO1E

Controls for floor standing boilers

● Vitotronic 200, Type KO1B, KO2B, KW6, KW6A KW6B, KW1, KW2, KW4, KW5

● Vitotronic 300, Type KW3

Controls for heat pumps, solid fuel boilers and hybrid devices

● Currently under development

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Troubleshooting hints

Firewall settings

  • The Vitoconnect connects to the server IP
  • Port 443 must be open
  • The MAC address is printed on the label of the device