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Viessmann has stood for innovative heating technology for over 100 years. Technical progress has always been an integral part of our DNA. This is also illustrated by the way our product range has changed. Whereas the focus was once on traditional heat generators such as gas and oil heating systems, today it is on efficient system solutions for heating, cooling, ventilation and energy generation. The increasing importance of renewable energy to meet climate challenges also plays an important role in this development. As a manufacturer we are aware of our responsibilities. For this reason, we focus more than ever on renewable energy sources when developing new Viessmann products. With the product finder, we provide you with a tool to navigate through the growing product range and find a system tailored to your needs more quickly.

A few steps to a new system

Complete solution for a new build or an addition to an existing heating system – many factors play a role in choosing a system. As well as the structural conditions and energy performance of the building, aspects such as energy efficiency, investment outlay and running costs are also involved. Our product finder takes all this into account. This tool shows you in just a few steps the Viessmann products that we think are suitable for you. Extensive prior technical knowledge is not necessary. If you would then like to find out more about our product recommendations, you can submit a direct request for a no-obligation consultation.

It couldn't be simpler

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Viessmann products – individual system solutions

Viessmann products – individual system solutions 

Viessmann sets high quality standards for all its products. This includes ensuring that they are optimally matched and can be combined with each other to form system solutions. It doesn't matter which application area is involved. The Viessmann product range offers solutions for residential buildings as well as for commerce and industry. In addition to systems for energy efficient new buildings, there are also options for unmodernised existing buildings. Our digital services ensure a high level of operating convenience as well as simple and efficient energy management. Viessmann products at a glance:

Heating with environmental energy

Heat pumps use the freely available energy from the air, ground or water to heat and cool rooms. This is energy efficient and climate-friendly – especially if the electricity required for operation comes from an on-site photovoltaic system.

Heating with gas

Thanks to advanced condensing technology, particularly efficient use is made of the fossil fuels natural gas and LPG. Viessmann gas heating systems also adapt automatically to different gas types. Blends of both biogas and hydrogen are possible.   

Heating with oil

To make efficient use of the energy stored in fossil fuel, Viessmann also employs products with condensing technology. Options such as operation with green fuels and combinations with a renewable heat generator make oil heating systems fit for the future.

Heating with several heat generators

In a hybrid heating system, different heat generators are combined, for example a gas boiler and a heat pump. Depending on the chosen focus, the innovative Viessmann control unit ensures particularly cost saving or low emissions operation.

Heating with wood

Since only as much CO2 is released during combustion as the trees absorbed during their growth period, heating with logs and pellets is climate-neutral. Solid fuel boilers also have the advantage of constant fuel prices – especially if the fuel is sourced regionally.

Heating with electricity

Electric heating system enable decentralised heating. They can supplement an existing system and provide heat quickly when it is needed. If the electricity for operation comes from photovoltaics, that makes these systems both cheap and climate-friendly.

Generating power while you heat

Fuel cells use the principle of cogeneration. This means combined heat and power production, which increases the user's degree of self-sufficiency. All that is needed to produce the hydrogen required for operation is a gas connection.

Generating electricity from solar energy

If the orientation of the roof is right and self-consumption is relatively high, for example because the building has an electricity-based heating system, then a photovoltaic system is particularly worthwhile. Storage units ensure optimum availability of solar power at all times.   

Generating heat from solar energy

Energy generated by solar thermal energy can be used for DHW heating or central heating backup. Solar thermal systems complement existing heating systems and reduce both energy costs and CO2 emissions.

Storing heating energy and hot water

Viessmann water heaters enable centralised and decentralised DHW supply. While DHW cylinders and electric water heaters ensure a demand-oriented supply of hot water, buffer cylinders increase the efficiency of heating systems.

Ventilating and saving energy

Central and decentralised ventilation systems reduce air humidity and thus prevent the development of mould. Filters ensure high air quality. By recovering heat from the extract air, Viessmann products also give the heating system less work to do.

Targeted search for Viessmann products and consultation

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If you have already done your research and know which heating system is suitable for your individual situation, we recommend our product catalogue. There, you can filter according to certain criteria such as the energy source. The pages of the various Viessmann products will then give you extensive information on technical data, possible application areas and operation. For planning around your individual situation, our partners in the trade are your contacts. They will work with you to find the right Viessmann products and take care of the installation, and if required, the subsequent maintenance of the system.  

Tips on heating and saving energy

In addition to comprehensive information on Viessmann products, we also offer you numerous guides on the subject of heating and saving energy. You can find helpful tips here and elsewhere:

  • First steps with the new heating system
  • Setting the thermostat correctly
  • Adjusting the heating curve correctly
  • Hydronic balancing
  • Bleeding the heating system 

Smart energy solutions for your home

Viessmann products are designed to work in a system. To make optimum use of energy and ensure a high level of convenience, we offer various intelligent technologies for energy management. With the Viessmann apps, you can keep an eye on consumption and room climate, for example, and control your heating system via smartphone or voice assistant. The GridBox makes it possible to connect electricity-based components, such as a photovoltaic system, to a heat generator, which creates ideal conditions for efficient energy use. This is because in addition to the function for visualising consumption, various optimisation options are available.

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