Smart home solutions

Today, it is hard to imagine life without smartphones and Apps. Viessmann offers its trade partners and end users of Viessmann heating technology a whole host of these useful programs.

Save energy with a Smart Home

There are many ways to save energy in the home, and one of them is the use of smart and efficient heating technology. The savings potential in this area is huge, as heat generation represents a significant part of household energy demand.

Smart heating systems from Viessmann are not only characterised by their high efficiency and durability - they are also designed for use in a smart home. 

In just a few steps, many heating systems can be connected to the Internet and converted into a digital heating system.

ViCare App

The ViCare App offers new possibilities for operating heating systems via the internet. The design of the ViCare graphic interface has been deliberately kept simple, resulting in completely intuitive heating system operation.

Save energy automatically

The system is designed to control one heating circuit. You can select the required room temperature by swiping, and switch between standard and party mode ("Extended heating") at a touch of the screen.

When you leave the house ("Away"), it takes just one command to lower the heating system temperature and thereby save energy. Anyone wanting to program different switching times for each day will appreciate the wizard.

A separate key on the default screen also shows numerous tips for saving energy.

Apps for Viessmann trade partners

Viessmann offers its trade partners a series of Apps to provide support in their daily work on site. Access/login details are required to utilise the full range of functions in these Apps.   

ViGuide – customer service simply digital

The essential introduction to Viessmann software for engineer's. Thanks to its new clearly structured display, ViGuide shows you the status of your hooked-up customer systems at a glance and gives you access to current operating data. You can see fault messages instantly, call up spare parts availability, and have access to direct online parts ordering. Automated notifications keep you informed, even when the App is closed, enabling you to respond immediately. This shortens service processes, reduces operating costs, professionalises your customer service and strengthens customer loyalty.

Spare Parts App

This Spare Parts App offers contractors quick and easy support when servicing their customers' heating systems. In addition, it enables companies providing servicing to keep a geo-validated record of commissioning and guarantee/maintenance visits. The following functions are also helpful:

  • Barcode scan (also offline) of relevant products and spare parts
  • Checking the availability of spare parts with card function
  • Ordering spare parts
  • Support for commissioning and maintenance visits