Looking to find out what spares you need to repair a boiler? 

With the Viessmann Spare Parts App this is easy, simply enter the product serial number, product name or scan the barcode and receive instant results.

Where can I get the app?

The Viessmann Spare Parts app is available for iOS or Android devices. Visit your app store an search for 'Viessmann Spare Parts App' and install. There is no need to set up an account, simply download and the app is ready to use.

How do I find out which spares I need?

Search for your product using either the search bar or barcode scanner.

If you don’t know the spare part number simply enter the boiler name to find all relevant parts.

Where can I find technical documents?

Click on a result, then select ‘spares’, ‘maintenance parts’ or ‘check compatibility’. ‘Save for later’ allows you to add this product to your watchlist and revisit along with any other saved parts. 

A very handy feature is that you can also view the technical documents related to the part.

Once you have selected a result, you have the option to further filter by category to narrow your search.

To view detailed drawings of the products, select ‘screen’ then click ‘exploded drawing’.

How can I enquire about spares availability?

Your local heating supplies merchant should be able to give you details of spares availability. The app allows you to locate which spares you need and you can attach the details to an email to enquire. 

For further enquiries about stock please email spares-uk@viessmann.com or to find your local stockist click here.

Adding an item to your basket then allows you the option to attach details of your desired spare parts to an email or message, to easily send to your local merchant to ask about stock.

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