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The right Viessmann heating system for your home

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Efficiency is an important aspect of a building's heat supply. This is because it can help you conserve resources and save costs at the same time. Optimally matched components in a heating system create the basis for efficient operation. Viessmann offers owners of detached houses, apartment blocks and large residential buildings just that: heat generators that not only work reliably and handle resources efficiently on their own, but also do so as part of a whole system. The product range includes solutions for all energy sources – renewables and fossil fuels – which can also be combined with one another.

Digital technology for intelligent system control

All current Viessmann heating systems can be used in smart homes. Integrated interfaces ensure that you can connect the systems via the internet and control them using apps. The time of day and location do not play a role. This means a significant increase in convenience. But it also helps to increase the efficiency of the heating system. The digital services and the energy management systems they contain help you to identify and exploit potential savings. 

Help in finding the right heating system

Since there are many factors to consider, choosing the right heating system is not easy. Experienced installers are best able to assist in deciding which heating system would suit your individual requirements. Before having a consultation, we recommend looking at the Viessmann product catalogue to get an overview of our portfolio. It allows you to filter our broad product range according to features such as application area. The Viessmann product finder allows you to search for even more detailed product suggestions.  

Heat pump

Vitocal 150-A air source heat pump

With the help of a heat pump, you can use energy stored in the ground, air and water for heating. And with self-produced or green electricity, this process is particularly climate-friendly. Dual mode operation with other heat generators is also possible. This can be useful in older buildings and large residential buildings, for example. With Viessmann Vitocal heat pumps, however, homeowners can generate more than just heat. Natural and active cooling ensure pleasant temperatures in the living space in summer.

Solar thermal

Vitosol 300-TM vacuum tube collector

Solar thermal technology is particularly suitable for supplementing a heating system. This uses the freely available energy of the sun for DHW heating and to back up the existing heat generator. Especially when fossil fuels are used, this helps to reduce CO2 and heating costs. Vitosol flat-plate and tube collectors from Viessmann offer a solution for the roof of every house. Due to their high efficiency and low heat losses, tube collectors in particular enable a good yield even with little space and roofs that are not optimally aligned. For more tips, see our article on retrofitting a solar thermal system. 

Gas heating system

Vitodens 200-W wall mounted gas condensing boiler

Advanced gas heating systems combine the benefits of proven technology with those of innovative equipment. With condensing technology, they use the energy stored in the fossil fuel particularly efficiently. The large output range of Viessmann gas boilers also enables a wide range of applications: while compact Vitodens wall mounted gas condensing boilers are suitable for small residential units, Vitocrossal gas condensing boilers provide sufficient heat for large apartment buildings.

Oil heating system

Oil condensing heating systems ensure high operational reliability and efficient fuel utilisation. Even where there is no gas connection. The technology becomes futureproof through the use of green fuels – liquid fuels that are produced on the basis of biomass, for example. Viessmann offers oil heating systems that burn conventional fuel oil and green fuels separately or in combination, and can also be supplemented with renewable energies. This allows valuable resources to be saved. 

With a Viessmann hybrid heating system, homeowners use different energy sources for heating. Both renewable energy sources and fossil fuels can be used. The basis for optimum interaction between the individual components is the Hybrid Pro Control energy manager. Depending on the selected mode, it ensures that the heating system runs particularly cost efficiently or energy efficiently. Hybrid heating systems are ideal if you want to take the first step towards renewable energy production. Initially, the existing heating system is supplemented with a renewable energy generator, such as a heat pump.

Low temperature boilers

Low temperature oil and gas boilers with conventional non-condensing technology reliably cover the high heat demand of large apartment buildings. The Viessmann product range includes three-pass boilers that ensure comparatively clean and economical combustion of fossil fuels. Vitoplex low temperature gas and oil boilers can also be retrofitted with a stainless steel flue gas/water heat exchanger. The resulting utilisation of condensing technology increases the standard seasonal efficiency [to DIN] of the heating system. 

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