Biomass Boilers, 4 kW to 1 250 kW


Wood burning boiler are a good alternative to heating with oil or gas. This natural fuel
has a lot to recommend it, and not only because it is environmentally responsible. Wood
as an indigenous fuel is also very affordable and not subject to wide price fluctuations.

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Vitoligno 300-H

Biomass boiler for pellets or wood chips. Output ranges 80, 99 & 101 kW


   Boiler with grate combustion. Rated output: 390 kW to 1 250 kW


   Boiler with rotation combustion. Rated output 90 kW to 540 kW

Pyromat ECO

   Wood fired boiler. Rated output: 30 kW to 170 kW

Pyromat DYN

   Wood-fired boiler for logs, pellets and chippings.Rated output: 36 kW to 90 kW